Real reference on the market of winter sports, the brand's HEAD continues to innovate to provide technical equipment and support you in your competitions. Pack skiing, ski racing, ski boots, the HEAD brand has equipped some of the greatest athletes and is pursuing its innovations to offer products at the cutting edge of technology.

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Whether on the ski slopes, snow parks or snowy terrain, Head products are designed to meet the specific needs of skiers and snowboarders of all levels. 

The cutting-edge technologies built into their skis, snowboards, helmets and other accessories offer an unrivalled riding experience, enabling enthusiasts to enjoy their favourite sport to the full.

With an unshakeable reputation, Head remains the preferred choice of sportsmen and women from all backgrounds, from beginners to professionals. Whatever your level, you'll find a selection of products that guarantee excellence, reliability and fun on the slopes.

Our selection of Head brand products

Immerse yourself in performance and excellence with Precision Ski's selection of Head brand products.

As a specialist in winter sports equipment, we invite you to discover the emblematic Head products, symbols of quality, innovation and passion for skiing and snowboarding.

Within our collection, Head skis stand out for their technical features and versatility. Because safety is paramount in the mountains, we also offer a complete range of helmets and protective accessories. Comfortable and compliant with safety standards, this equipment allows you to enjoy your passion with complete peace of mind. 

With the selection of Head products offered by Precision Ski, you benefit from the expertise of a brand with a great reputation in the world of winter sports.

Whether you're a beginner or an expert, this high-quality equipment will accompany you on all your mountain adventures, helping you to enjoy unforgettable moments on snow-covered summits.

Choose performance and reliability with Head and let your passion for skiing guide you.

Head skis 

Head skis are synonymous with excellence, performance and innovation. Since their creation, Head has established itself as one of the world leaders in winter sports, developing cutting-edge skis adapted to the needs of skiers of all levels.

Head skis incorporate cutting-edge innovations such as Graphene technology, an ultra-light and resistant material that offers better weight distribution and optimum performance on snow. Designed to adapt to different terrains and riding styles, the brand's range is for everyone. Whether you prefer groomed pistes, off-piste, ski touring or snowpark jumps, you'll find models to suit your specific needs.

They offer excellent responsiveness and optimum grip on the snow. Their solid construction and adapted flexibility guarantee a fluid ride and precise manoeuvrability, allowing skiers to explore new horizons with ease.

Manufactured to provide optimum comfort for skiers, their ergonomic design and effective cushioning reduce muscle fatigue, so you can make the most of every day on the slopes.

In addition to their technical performance, Head skis are carefully designed and aesthetically pleasing. Whether you're a fan of sobriety or bright colours, you'll find skis to suit your personal style.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned expert, you can rely on the quality and expertise of our Head ski pack for unforgettable moments on the snowy slopes, gliding with ease and exploring the joys of winter with confidence.

Head Poles 

Head brand poles are a true extension of performance and excellence on the ski slopes. Designed with the same attention to innovation and quality as the skis, these poles are essential equipment for skiers looking for precision and comfort on the slopes. 

At Precision Ski, you'll find a complete range of poles to suit every level of skier and every style of skiing: Supershape SL, Mya One, Ink Team, Worldcup Super G... So whether you're a beginner, an experienced skier or an adrenalin-seeking expert, you'll find a model to suit your specific needs.

Head poles are designed to be lightweight and durable, offering optimum manoeuvrability while reducing muscle fatigue. Their solid construction ensures stability during fast turns and descents. 

In addition, the ergonomic handles on Head poles ensure a comfortable and secure grip. Some ranges also incorporate cutting-edge technologies, such as Trigger S technology, which allows the poles to be quickly released from the hands in the event of a fall.

In terms of aesthetics, Head poles feature sleek, modern designs that perfectly match the style of the most demanding skiers.

Head ski suit

The racing ski suit from Head combines style, functionality and performance to give you an unrivalled experience on the snowy slopes. Made from high-quality materials, you'll enjoy protection from the elements, including wind, snow and moisture, while remaining breathable for optimum comfort. 

Head helmet 

Head helmets are designed with safety, comfort and style in mind, offering skiers and snowboarders optimum protection on the slopes.

Here are just a few of the features that define helmets from this iconic brand:

  • Safe: Head helmets meet the most stringent safety standards, offering essential protection against shocks and impacts during winter sports. Their solid, resistant construction reduces the risk of injury while allowing you to enjoy your activities in complete confidence.
  • Comfort and custom fit: they're designed to be comfortable to wear for long hours. They incorporate adjustment systems that enable them to be perfectly adapted to the morphology of each skier or snowboarder, guaranteeing a secure and stable fit all day long.
  • Optimum ventilation: the helmets are equipped with high-performance ventilation systems that regulate the temperature inside the helmet. This ensures optimum air circulation to evacuate moisture and prevent overheating during exercise.
  • Stylish design: Head pays particular attention to the design of its helmets. With clean lines and meticulous detailing, Head helmets have a modern, aesthetically pleasing style that goes perfectly with ski outfits.
  • Advanced technologies: Certain ranges of Head helmets incorporate advanced technologies, such as the MIPS (Multi-Directional Impact Protection System), which offers additional protection against oblique impacts.
  • Goggle compatibility: Head helmets are designed to be goggle compatible, allowing skiers to wear their goggles comfortably under the helmet without compromising eye protection. 

As you can see, Head helmets combine safety, comfort, style and advanced technology to offer skiers and snowboarders optimum protection and comfort. With their elegant design and innovative features, Head helmets are a good choice for enjoying your winter adventures in complete safety.

Our selection includes the Rachel White, Charter, Stivot Race Carbon Pik, Rebel Blue and Air Youth Pink helmets.

Head ski boots

The Head ski boots we offer are the result of recognised expertise and know-how in the world of winter sports. Designed to offer the perfect combination of performance, comfort and style, these boots are the ideal ally for skiers of all levels, from beginners to experts.

Among our wide range of ski boots, we guarantee you'll find what you're looking for: Raptor 50 White, Advant Edge, Edge Lyt...

Whether you're a man, a woman or looking for boots for your child, our selection is sure to please.

Head ski boots stand out for their precise fit and secure foot support. Their sophisticated fastening systems allow the boot to be adjusted to your body shape, ensuring good energy transfer and optimum responsiveness when turning.

Comfort is a priority for Head, and their boots are designed to offer a snug fit and optimum warmth during days on the slopes. Some ranges incorporate thermal liners to keep feet warm in the coldest conditions.

In terms of design, Head ski boots combine style and aesthetics. With their meticulous finishes and elegant details, these boots add a modern touch to your ski outfit.

Head also incorporates advanced technologies into its boots, such as Graphene shells for increased lightness and resistance, or the Liquid Fit system, which allows the shell to be customised for made-to-measure comfort.

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