In the midst of all the models of skis, snowboards and other equipment for winter sports, there is something to be lost. Precision Ski helps you make the right choice through its various guides.

How to choose the right pair of skis or snowboard

Discover in our EQUIPMENT section, all the details you need to know to choose the ski equipment that will bring you the best skiing and snowboarding sensations. Choosing the right equipment does not necessarily mean turning to the best performing products or the latest ranges released. You must take into account several of your characteristics such as your level, your program, your morphology, your height or your weight, in order to choose the equipment that will best suit your needs

The essential elements for skiing

The ski tips or snowboard are not the only elements to consider carefully when buying your ski equipment. Ski boots, snow boots, ski poles and even your ski outfit will also play an important role in your practice. Comfort is paramount, you must feel comfortable to get the most out of your favourite sport.

Follow carefully Precision Ski's advice to learn more about your ski equipment!

Top 5 All-Mountain Skis 2023

To hurtle down the slopes and have fun in the powder, all-mountain skis will be your best allies for the season. Stable, fun and versatile, these skis are for all those who don't want to choose their terrain! Discover our top 5 best all-mountain skis 2023.

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Maintain your skis with VOLA

Before putting your skis on for the winter season, it is essential to prepare your equipment. Indeed, different steps are necessary in order to fully enjoy an optimal glide on all types of snow. Above all, this maintenance allows you to increase the life of your equipment.

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Ski purchase

The purchase of skis is a real investment, especially when you opt for skis. That's why it's important to choose the skis that best suit your morphology, your style of skiing and your level.

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How to choose children's ski boots?

Every little skier needs a children's ski boot before being able to discover the joys of skiing. The size of a children's ski boot depends mainly on the size of the feet in centimetres.

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How to choose children's skis?

The ideal junior ski model depends on your child's size, but also on his or her level and style of skiing. Let's discover together the criteria to be taken into account to know which size of junior ski to choose...

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How to choose your ski and snowboard goggles?

A ski or snowboard goggle is essential to protect yourself from light, cold, wind or snow. With its optical qualities, it preserves our field of vision in all weathers.

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What is bootfitting?

Thanks to bootfitting, the ski boot adapts to the wearer's morphology, and not the other way around. An overview of the methods that make up bootfitting, a technique for adapting boots to the skier's feet.

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How to choose the size of your freestyle skis?

Freestyle skiing requires the acquisition of a pair of skis adapted to your needs! Size, frequency of use, weight or age, discover how to choose your future pair of freestyle skis!

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How to choose the size of your freeride skis?

Freeride means skiing without constraints other than those imposed by the piste. To go down any schuss and accomplish tricks, you will need freeride skis adapted to your physique and your level. Here are a few tips on how to choose them.

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How to choose sealskins for ski touring?

Skins are essential for ski touring, they provide good grip system (the famous anti-recoil effect, essential when going uphill). But without compromising the efficiency of the glide..

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