Dale Of Norway: New Collection


Dale is a small village nestled on the west coast of Norway. As soon as he arrived on Norwegian territory, Peter Jebsen was captivated by the nature that surrounded him. Created in 1879, the Norwegian brand DALE OF NORWAY honors the beauty and richness of the Scandinavian landscape. In 1956, the brand sponsored the national ski team during the Olympic Games and created a special collection of wool sweaters called "Cortina". Then it became a strategic partner of the United States Olympic Committee and the Winter Games in Salt Lake City.  

Entirely handmade, DALE OF NORWAY garments offer an incredible comfort to brave the winter cold. Warm, insulating and soft, they are real cozy nests that will be very appreciated for a cocooning moment in front of a fireplace. It is thanks to the use of pure Norwegian wool and its innovative spirit that the brand creates high quality products known throughout the world. Moreover, it has always honored the values and traditions of its country, through typical Scandinavian patterns and very careful prints. 


Norwegian wool

Wool has multiple properties and many advantages for the textile market. Indeed, it is 100% natural and renewable, it insulates and offers good breathability, it neutralizes odors, repels water, offers some elasticity and is durable. Thanks to the use of this fiber with unique properties, Dale Of Norway clothing keeps you warm while wicking moisture and regulating body temperature. 

Merino wool is ideal for braving the harshest winter conditions because it has great insulating properties. Offering a good freedom of movement, it quickly regains its shape while adapting to your morphology. Robust and durable, it is a light and soft material that contributes to the respect of the environment.  

Sustainable development

Since its creation, the DALE OF NORWAY brand has been committed to respecting the environment. Indeed, since 1879, all production is powered by hydraulic energy from the local river Bergsdal. In addition, in order to fight against fast fashion, the Norwegian brand creates sustainable and high quality products. The clothes are knitted from wool to reduce fabric waste. 


Winter Wool Pullover

The FIRDA turtleneck sweater is the perfect choice for a warm winter. It's chic, with a loose fit and a longer back to create a real shield against the winter cold and the lowest temperatures. Made from merino wool, it can be worn on any occasion and will keep you warm while regulating humidity. Just like the VALLØY DALE OF NORWAY women's jumper with its pretty Setesdal pattern. A real nod to Norwegian culture, this model has a modern cut with oversized shoulders for a chic and daring look. For a walk on the snowy paths or for chilling at home, you will never leave it. 

Half zip pullover

Ideal for a walk at the foot of the slopes, the WINTERLAND half zip jumper will be essential for your ski holidays. Thanks to its high collar and half zip, it offers a chic sportswear look and will match all your outfits. Made entirely from merino wool, this DALE OF NORWAY men's sweater naturally neutralises odours and efficiently wicks away moisture. 

The MORITZ DALE OF NORWAY women's woolen sweater features pretty snowflakes and a typical Scandinavian print. Inspired by the model worn during the World Ski Championships in Saint Moritz, it reflects all the codes of this exclusive Swiss ski resort. Its feminine cut will sublimate your silhouette and will offer you a very elegant look for your après-ski activities.

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