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For better protection of your hands, Precision Ski offers ergonomic ski slalom protections for better performance. Complete the accessories of your ski club, with these protections that will give you extra security! Also consider protecting your shins and forearms with our selection. Rossignol, Leki, Spyder or Lange and Kerma, manufacturers today offer quality accessories, while bringing the lightness that will allow them to be quickly forgotten. Shin guards, forearm guards, hand guards, find all the essential equipment to get on the track and beat all the times!


The PROTEC RACING KRISTOFFERSEN ENERGIAPURA shin guards were designed in collaboration with the famous ski world champion. Thanks to their durable and durable plastic composition, they provide protection, comfort and control at every door. Maximizing the sensations of sliding, they stay in place and repel all obstacles to allow you to race to victory. KOMPERDELL arm guards effectively cushion impacts when pushing the stakes back. Essential to gain speed and precision, they fit perfectly thanks to their Velcro closure and will stay in place throughout the race. Finally, ROSSIGNOL ski protections are designed to accompany the most demanding skiers. INTEGRAL HAND ROSSIGNOL guards are compatible with all ski poles with a diameter of 16 and 18 mm. Stable, they offer an ergonomic shape for good grip and flawless grip. Lightweight and very strong, they effectively cushion the shocks when you push the slalom poles.

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