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Particularly elastic, the junior ski competition suits allow you to feel no discomfort during the passages in special or giant slalom, effectively accompanying the movements of your small skiers. So that your children don't get cold, these combinations are perfectly breathable, in order to remove the sweat generated during exercise. On Precision Ski, you'll find children's ski racing suits that are as powerful as those of adults. For good protection the textile is composed of built-in protections at the arms, shoulders, legs and shins. Finally, flat seams prevent skin irritation by contacting the tissue and generate better muscle oxygenation reducing fatigue. 


The HEAD race suit junior racing combination will boost your children's performance. Close to the body, the one offers a fitted cut with multiple protections in the back, on the thighs or even the shoulders. Reducing the risk of friction and optimizing air circulation, it will accompany your children to the finish line. The BOY'S NINE SPYDER ski suit fits the body perfectly and offers great freedom of movement. Thanks to its breathable membrane, it continuously removes moisture so that your children gain comfort and speed. Finally, the SKIN GS POC kid racing suit will allow you to join the elite on the podium. Ultra-efficient, it has foam reinforcements on strategic areas to protect your body and fend off obstacles on the track. 

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