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On Precision Ski, our men's ski racing suits are perfect for special and giant slalom, thanks to their pre-formed built-in protections at the arms, shoulders, legs and shins. Some have thermal coverage to prevent you from cooling too quickly outside your shopping and a breathable fabric that removes moisture from sweat. For maximum comfort, Precision Ski has selected its men's racing suits from the leading specialists in the sector, such as Spyder or Dynastar. Lightness, thermicity and breathability are the key words that define the men's textile racing that we have chosen for you!


The men's racing suit COLMAR 79Y features preformed knees and sleeves. Ultra-strong, it will make a difference on the track thanks to its elasticity and ergonomic cut. As for the racing suit ENERGIAPURA, it offers excellent freedom of movement to beat all the times. Adapting to your morphology, it is both flexible and very resistant. Perfectly adhering to the skin, it ensures breathability, wind-cutting and heat to participate in ski competitions in all weathers. As powerful for downhill, giant or special slalom, it will be your best ally on the track. Finally, the NINE NINETY SPYDER racing suit will allow you to push your limits on the track. Equipped with a breathable membrane, it ensures excellent air circulation to optimize your comfort. In addition, it has multiple protections on the arms, thighs and knees to effectively repel the stakes on the slalom. 

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