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The first thing you need to look at when buying your shovel is the material. An aluminum snow shovel will be lighter, but less robust than a metal shovel. The Teflon coating, on the other hand, will prevent the appearance of frost on your equipment.

The size of the handle of a snow shovel is an important feature to consider. Indeed, if the latter must be adapted to your size. If it is too small, the leverage will be reduced and you will find it difficult to clear large volumes of snow. You can very well opt for a foldable snow shovel or telescopic handle that will allow you to save space in your backpack and have access to a good length of handle when clearing. It is best to opt for a sharper metal ski bucket shovel to break the hard snow. A plastic bucket will be less solid and will break more easily, especially in low temperatures. Also pay attention to the edges. When shovelling, you may have to put your foot on the edge of the shovel and if it is leaky, you will not be able to attack the cutting of blocks in hard snow. 


The BADGER 2.5 ORTOVOX shovel is easy to use and will ensure your safety in any circumstances. Ultra-strong, it has a telescopic handle and a hybrid handle for a quick and efficient grip. In addition, it clips in the blink of an eye so as not to waste time shovelling. The ALUGATOR LIGHT MAMMUT shovel has an anti-pivoting blade to ensure effective and accurate gestures. Optimizing the transfer of force, it is easily carried away during your winter outdoor outings. In addition, the DEPLOY 3 BLACK DIAMOND snow shovel will secure your freeride outings. Foldable in a single gesture, it has a trapezoidal handle guaranteeing a good grip and an anti-pivoting. Finally, the ARVA shovel GUARD anodized aluminum snow shovel will be your best off-piste ally this winter. Efficient and efficient, it is easy to use and offers the perfect mix between lightness and practicality. 

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