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You will notice that when you eat your cereal, it is the biggest pieces that remain on the surface. The ski airbag works the same way. Thanks to its airbags, this material increases your volume, knowing that the larger a moving particle, the more it rises to the surface. All airbag bags operate on the same principle: just pull a handle that allows the air cartridges to free themselves and inflate the airbags, from 150 to 200 L, in seconds.


Whether you choose the gas cartridge system or the electric turbine system, both have their own pros and cons. Gas can be a problem when travelling by air and can only be used once. You will need to buy bottles once you have used them. You can choose between a metal bottle or a carbon bottle, lighter but more expensive. With the electric turbine, all you have to do is recharge the battery to reuse the bag. Thanks to this system, you will be able to train to trigger the equipment, in order to be more serene in the mountains. 

The FREE RIDER ORTOVOX airbag is lightweight, compact and efficient. Equipped with a fully mechanical trigger system and an ergonomic handle, it will quickly become the indispensable ally of freeriders. In addition, the RIDE REMOVABLE MAMMUT airbag bag withstands the most extreme temperatures in the mountains. Thanks to its remoulded abdominal belt, it is well in place while following your every move. Finally, the REACTOR 18 ARVA airbag will protect you effectively during your freeride outings. Its numerous straps will allow you to easily transport your equipment and cross narrow passages. Easy to trigger, its airbag system greatly increases your chances of survival during an avalanche. 

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