Probe and avalanche transceiver (Arva)


The DVA, formerly known as ARVA, allows you to find your companions buried under the snow and to be found if you are caught in the avalanche. When you leave, all detectors must be turned on in the 'transmitter' mode, in order to be found. When a person gets carried away by an avalanche, their companions will go into "receiver" mode, in order to find them in less than 15 minutes. After this time, the chances of survival decrease considerably.

Whatever the brand of your DVA, they will all communicate with each other. It is the number of antennas that will determine its performance, especially for the search mode. The best-performing models are aimed mainly at savvy mountaineers. It is best for hikers and occasional freeriders to choose a simpler DVA, so as not to be lost in the middle of the various features, and to intervene more quickly. Also check out our ARVA security packs to maximize your security during freeride sessions. 


Once you have identified the approximate location of the victim with your DVA, the snow probe will allow you to accurately locate the skier under the snow. Snow probes differ in length, diameter, materials and assembly and closing system. It's up to you to analyze whether you prefer to focus on weight, strength or length. When you go upmarket, the probes will be more robust, more expensive, but will also have a longer lifespan. For more information, find our technical guide to off-piste safety.

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