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Depending on how useful you are going to be, the street backpack has several features to consider. While aesthetics may take precedence for some people, it is important to choose a backpack with multiple compartments for classes and work. On Precision Ski, you will find bags with a padded space, specially adapted for carrying a laptop. For skaters, snowboarders and skiers, we've selected a wide range of backpacks with clamping straps for you to accommodate your sliding gear when you don't have them on your feet. Precision Ski has selected a wide range of street backpacks that are both sturdy and comfortable. Practical, these bags have several compartments, so you can quickly find your small belongings like your smartphone, your camera, your pens etc. We have not forgotten the women and children, who will find backpacks with a girly design or adapted to their small size. Find on our Precision Ski page, all of our selection of backpacks, which will follow you everywhere in your daily life. Whether you're looking for a school backpack or a leisure bag, take a look at our wide selection!


The CAMO FADE TARP SUPERDRY backpack will withstand all your adventures throughout the day. With a padded internal cover, you can confidently carry your computer while remaining free of your movements. To get to school or skatepark, adopt the rider style of the VANS OLD SKOOL III backpack. Thanks to its padded straps, you can send your best tricks and take on the urban sidewalks in comfort. A true reference in the world of luggage, the EASTPAK PADDED PAK'R backpack has captivated many generations. Thanks to its wide compartment, you can easily carry all your daily belongings without compromising your style with this EASTPAK bag! Finally, the GOLD CHECKERED SPRAYGROUND backpack will affirm your passion for street culture. Ultra-resistant, it has multiple reinforcements to face all the bad weather of everyday life!

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