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For the trail-running technical backpack, the most important criterion to take into account is stability in order to enjoy greater comfort. Pay attention to the type of straps on the bag you select. Also think that the latter must be as light as possible, to be forgotten during the race. Finally, the bedding will depend on how far you go.

In mountain biking, it is important to choose a backpack with great breathability. Pay attention to ventilation to enjoy your favorite sport for longer, without having to stop. As with trail trails, an MTB backpack must be carried close to the body, so as not to move. When you go hiking, it is necessary to have a functional backpack. Hiking backpacks often have several storage compartments so you don't waste time finding your small items. Again, opt for a light, well-ventilated bag. Whether you're skiing or snowboarding, the choice of backpack will depend on your program. The freeride ski backpack must be able to accommodate all the equipment you need (DVA, shovel, probe...). A ski backpack is very practical for your snowy adventures. To minimize the risk of getting stuck in an avalanche, don't hesitate to invest in an airbag backpack


The OROKU PICTURE ORGANIC backpack is designed to accompany you on freeride outings. With its multiple straps, take your safety gear with you and also wear your skis during difficult times. Just like the ORTOVOX backpack that was designed to easily carry shovel, probe and arva during your off-piste outings. The TRAIL 28 DEUTER hiking backpack is ideal for long outdoor walks. Lightweight, it's very well accessorized to keep all your equipment handy. Effectively spreading the load on your back, you gain comfort with each step. The REACTOR ARVA airbag backpack is the essential equipment for any freeride outing. Thanks to its dual airbag system and inflating system, it will save your life in an avalanche. Responding to all safety standards, it swells quickly by pulling on a handle and highly resists abrasion. Finally, the WELKIN MILLET backpack features a waterproofing skirt to keep your belongings dry and weather with confidence. Thanks to its ventilated straps, this bag optimizes air circulation and improves your walking comfort. If you are looking for a ski backpack, discover the HELI PACK 12L DAKINE ski backpack. With this ski backpack, you can carry all the essential equipment for ski touring and alpine ski. 

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