A technical backpack must meet very strict criteria depending on your sport. In mountaineering, skiing or snowboarding, trekking, hiking, mountain biking and trail-running, the backpack must be both light and very durable. Depending on the discipline, a technical backpack must be handy in order to quickly catch the items you need, and solid, to cope with the most extreme weather conditions. Practicing your favorite sport will determine the technical features that your ideal backpack should present. Ski backpack, trail bag, mountain bike backpack, discover all our selection !

The CALGARY PICTURE ORGANIC backpack is designed for freeride. It has multiple carrying straps as well as locations to easily carry your security equipment, Arva, Pelle... For a day trip, opt for the KESTREL OSPREY hiking bag. This technical backpack is ideal for your next shipment, it has a durable and durable waterproof cover to effectively protect your belongings from the elements. Finally, the 40-litre UBIC MILLET backpack offers multiple storage. 


For everyday life, a technical backpack would be a bit excessive. That's why sports brands also make street backpacks, more elegant and passes everywhere, while keeping their robustness. Original design and aesthetics, these backpacks remain very practical for strolling around town or at the beach. Some models even allow you to wear your skateboard, skis or snowboard using adjustable straps. School bag, street backpack, EASTPAK bag, make your choice!

The CAMO FADE TARP SUPERDRY backpack and its very urban look will appeal to all fashion lovers. Ultra-resistant, it has two large compartments to effectively organize your business. As for the VANS backpack, it allows you to go from the city to the skatepark in the blink of an eye. With its padded straps, take on the streetsand and send your best tricks! Finally, a real reference in the world of luggage, the EASTPAK backpack is no longer to be presented. Just like the DAKINE backpack, it is stylish, trendy, original and very solid. Essential to everyday life, discover the brand's many models! And for the start of the school year, take a look at our school pencil case


The DUFFEL THE NORTH FACE travel bag withstands the most extreme weather and conditions. Very sturdy, it has a waterproof fabric and double seams to protect your business in any circumstance. The 121-litreTRANVERZ EASTPAK suitcase will accompany you to the other side of the world. Compression straps, zipped pockets, compartments, retractable handle, it has all the characteristics of a real adventurer! The NAPAPIJRI travel bag and its retro style will meet the expectations of all the bungers. Finally, the SPLIT ROLLER DAKINE suitcase is cut for adventure. Guaranteed for life, it has lockable zippers to carry your belongings safely. In addition, its reinforced wheels will allow you to easily cross the airport halls without damaging your suitcase!

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