Your sunglasses will be as useful for your favourite outdoor sports (water sports, winter sports or outdoor sports) as for everyday life.

To enjoy it without problem, throughout the day, your sunglasses must be adapted to the shape of your face (rather oval, square or elongated ...) in order to be comfortable to wear. Women often have a thinner face and will then have to turn to women's sunglasses, specially designed to perfectly match the morphology of these faces. Make sure they hold well in place and as used, opt for specific lenses (good weather, bad weather, all weather, polarized ...).

Depending on your practice (skiing, trailing, hiking, mountain biking...), the category of glass and the protection index you will choose will not be the same. Glasses are just as important as the frame. There are three protection classes: 1, 3 and 4. The ideal would be to have several pairs of sunglasses with different protective cues in order to adapt to the environment and the weather of the moment. If we make it a point of honor to offer only quality sunglasses and ski goggles, it is above all because the reflection of light on the snowy slopes can cause a lot of damage to your retina or distract you and make you c huter. Find our selection of OAKLEY sunglasses. In order to prevent such a tragedy from happening, we present in this section a complete range of glasses designed by reference brands that work for your well-being and your safety.


Timeless model that has seduced many generations, discover the RAY BAN sunglasses WAYFARER ! Their casual and sportswear look gives you an elegant look to make you feel anywhere. VUARNET sunglasses are inspired by the models worn by mountaineers. Thanks to their side shells, they protect perfectly from the sun's rays while remaining in place. In addition, they are very resistant and anti-reflective in order to offer you an excellent visual field. In addition, SDR MIA SUPERDRY sunglasses give you a trendy look on the beach as well as in the city. Ultra glamorous, this model combines protection and femininity with everyday life. Finally, THE VANS sunglasses will be ideal for your days at the skatepark. Their sleek and elegant design will give you a very trendy look. In addition, they are very resistant and will stay in place when you try new tricks!

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