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For your next winter sports holiday, you may be thinking of equipping yourself and your family to make the most of the slopes? If so, you should know that every accessory counts to protect you as much as possible from the particular weather conditions you will encounter on the slopes. Find out below how to choose your ski goggles according to several essential criteria, and make the most of the best value for money.


Ski and snowboard goggles are among the most important accessories for your suit: they provide effective protection against UV rays and light, and adapt to the slightest of your constraints. That's why it's important that you first choose a goggle adapted to your morphology: if you have a thin face for example, choose a small/medium size. If on the contrary you have a wide face, prefer a range of masks in medium/large/XL size. In all cases, choose a mask model that does not compress your face, especially and most notably at the temples - that is, between the mask frame and the corner of the eye. In this way, you will help to optimise your field of vision.

If you need to plan several sunny days in a row during your holiday, consider investing in a category 3 or 4 ski goggle: these are particularly suitable for protection against strong light. Please note that the colour of the screen plays an important role: the more important the colour, the more effective the protection against glare. Among the selection criteria to be considered is the importance of choosing a mask with a fogging treatment for perfect visibility. There is nothing better than a mask with a double screen, which acts as a thermal filter between the cold outside air and the body heat coming from your face. And if you wear corrective lenses, note that there are sports equipment that are deeper than ordinary masks and have channels that welcome the frames.


As we have seen above, children's and cross-country ski goggles are designed to give you maximum comfort, even if you wear glasses every day. OTG ski goggles (over the glasses), for example, give you more volume than normal, so you can wear your glasses without difficulty. In terms of sun protection, if you wish to have access to more high-performance ski equipment, you will be ideally suited to winter sports equipment with a photochromic screen. With a ski accessory of this nature, you will no longer need to change categories, since photochromic glass tints more or less depending on the amount of sunlight.

It should also be noted that most ski goggle models have an anti-scratch treatment. If you wish to invest in a Salomon ski goggle for your child, you should also make sure that it has a frame that protrudes to the front: in this way, you will limit the contact of the screen surface with the ground as much as possible.


If you intend to go skiing regularly, it may be worth investing in slightly more expensive equipment or a snowboard goggle, so as not to have any surprises once on the slopes. This is where an investment in a photochromic ski goggle makes sense: most ski brands offer equipment with the ability to change its appearance depending on the nature of the sunshine at high altitude - for example, a photochromic ski goggle can cover 2 or even 3 categories of glass, so you don't need to change equipment along the way! Precision ski offers you a large choice of ski goggle brands such as Bollé, Briko, Cairn, Julbo, Oakley, Smith, TorrentUvex or Red Bull. With such a wide choice you should find the ski goggle of your dreams.

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