Optical protection prevents irreversible damage and early visual impairment due to UVA, UVB, and UVC rays. Whether it's on a tourist holiday in the city or during your adventures at sea or in the mountains, remember to protect your eyes. But sunglasses or ski goggles have become fashion accessories today, wherever you are. So don't hesitate to invest to have a flawless look but especially for your safety.

Your sunglasses or ski goggles should be chosen based on your outdoor activity. For piste skiing or freeride skiing, the protection will not be the same. Ditto for mountain biking, trail biking or hiking. Each frame offers a distinct design and features. The most important to consider is the type of lenses or screen.  There are 4 protection classes. Category 1 filters only 20% to 47% of the rays. These glasses are therefore suitable for sunny days or your little walks in the city. Category 2 is ideal for moderate sunshine and Category 3 for days of high blue skies. For better protection, Category 4 (forbidden to drive) is perfect for extreme sportsmen, who often climb higher to practice their activities. 

Whether it's for a men's sunglasses or a women's sunglasses, or just to protect yourself from the sun during your summer walks, check out all the collections on Precision Ski. Also check out our replacement lenses and ski goggles screens to enjoy the slopes in all weathers. 


HOLBROOK OAKLEY sunglasses are a classic model of the brand. Blowing a wind of freedom and adventure on your nose, they will effectively protect you from the sun while ensuring a neat sportswear style. In addition, they are cut for outdoor activities and will stay in place on the nose. Take a look at our OAKLEY ski goggles, which also benefit from the brand's know-how and the latest technology. In all seasons, at sea and in the mountains, adopt the timeless style of AVIATOR RAY BAN sunglasses. Its thin frame will be only light on your nose while its shimmering lenses will ensure a chic look in all circumstances. Also discover our SALOMON, JULBO or ROSSIGNOL ski goggles to combine protection and style on the slopes. 

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