Protection hand and wrist


Wrist fractures account for 25% of diagnoses of snowboard injuries. In France this represents nearly 10,000 fractures each season and this number continues to increase with the development of snowparks. These indications should be more than enough to encourage you to protect your wrists or those of your snowboarding children. Precision Ski has selected quality snowboard wrist protectors for you to give you the best equipment possible. All products have been selected from winter sports brands and generally tested under real-world conditions. In snow and cold, manufacturers ensure that these hand protectors are perfectly adhering to their use in the field.  You'll have adequate protections that can easily fit under your mittens or ski gloves. 


The DAKINE WRISTGUARD is designed to provide lightness, comfort but above all protection. Easy to glide under your snowboard gloves, they will accompany you both on the track and during your tricks at the snowpark. Effectively cushioning shocks, they have multiple aluminum reinforcements to protect you from falls and shocks. In addition, their neoprene construction brings breathability and ergonomics throughout the day. Easy to put on and adjust, they will give you confidence and allow you to send your most beautiful figures on the different rails and modules!

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