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Your world to you, these are the kickers, rails, boxes and tables ? Then, you have to protect you against falls, as in this field, the error does not forgive. To get you started more calmly new tricks, the various protections of freestyle skiing are at your disposal. You can equip, in addition to the ski helmet, a dorsal, a short protection, knee pads, elbow pads, and waterproof cuffs.


As for the other disciplines, the wearing of the ski helmet should be mandatory in freeride. In fact, when you go off-track, your course can get you in rocky areas or forests. On Precision Ski, you can find all the necessary equipment to be properly protected from impacts. As for the freestyle, a back protection and a short well-padded will be perfect to minimize the risk of serious injury. You can also equip yourself of knee pads and elbow pads, knowing that outside of the ski area, the rocks and tree trunks are not protected by mattresses foams, such as on pylons on stations.


With the BACK PROTECTOR RACE VEST SWEET PROTECTION back protector, race safely down the ski slope. Featuring breathable 3D Mesh technology, it ensures continuous moisture wicking and incredible comfort. Just like the RPG VEST ROSSIGNOL back protector with its front zip that ensures great freedom of movement while staying securely in place. As for the DAINESE KID protector shorts, they are designed for young adventurers in search of thrills. Protecting against falls and impacts, the coccyx, femurs and buttocks are protected and allow young skiers to gain confidence and agility with every turn. 

Feel free to browse our various pages of protections for the ski to have more examples of existing models.

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