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First of all, start by measuring your head to know your helmet size. The better it will be for your morphology, the more comfortable it will be. In freestyle and freeride, consider a ski helmet with good ventilation. In the intense effort, you quickly warm and need to effectively evacuate your sweat. Although these disciplines are considered "extreme," the men's snowboard helmet is also important on track. The risk of collision is great, so be sure to equip yourself well. Today, men's ski helmets offer several features that maximize the enjoyment of your practice. A great way to combat stress, the audio ski helmet headset is ideal for freestylers who want to listen to their favorite music before jumping on a big kicker. Precision Ski also offers bluetooth-based ski helmets, so you can easily make phone calls on ski lifts, or ski helmets with visors, perfect for eyeglass wearers. 


The MOD1 OAKLEY ski helmet is designed for all discerning skiers looking for style and performance. Ultra light and protective, it promotes freedom of movement while remaining in place. Plus, it offers a perfect fit to maximize your comfort throughout the day. The SAVOR ATOMIC visor-to-helmet maximizes your safety with its ABS hull and shock absorption. In addition, it is equipped with Active Airon technology which promotes the constant circulation of air and also offers anti-bacterial treatment. As for the OMEGA PICTURE ORGANIC men's ski helmet, it offers an excellent compromise between strength and lightness. With a removable ventilation system and ears, you can enjoy its technology in all weathers. PICTURE ORGANIC accompanies you on all your snowy adventures with protection and style on the ski slopes. Finally, the H3 ELEGANCE HMR ski helmet reflects all the Italian know-how. Very stylish, this helmet with a sober design offers maximum protection for skiers. Very robust, it protects against shocks while ensuring excellent air circulation. In addition, its lining with essential oil pellets will seduce more than one skier for his comfort! For an optimal field of vision, discover all our models of ski helmets with visor. For an optimal field of vision, discover all our models of ski helmets with visor. For example the MIGHT VISOR MATTE WHITE BOLLE ski helmet. This ski helmet with visor is ideal for spectacle wearers. Moreover, it offers you a wide field of vision to anticipate every relief on the slope. 

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