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In order to enjoy maximum fun on your favorite playground, start by choosing your womens' snow bindings based on your type of ride. If you discover sliding, we advise you to opt for a flexible and error-tolerant binding. Make sure it's also well padded so you can start comfortably, without getting tired. The soft bindings are also ideal for freestyle enthusiasts. Their lightness, which leaves you with a great freedom of movement, is perfect for sending your tricks to the park or on the edges of the slopes.

In freeride on the other hand, it is a fairly rigid snow bindings that will allow you to have the necessary support and responsiveness when riding at high speed or in the powder. Finally, for carving lovers on damned tracks, it's a high-end snow fix that you need! Rigid, it will offer precise and reactive supports for high-speed carver.


Snow fasteners should be mounted, on the board, depending on your program. Here's what Precision Ski recommends if you show your fixs yourself. For beginners, once you have identified whether you are goofy or regular, we advise you to adjust your front foot to 15 degrees in the slope and the back foot perpendicular to the board. This setting will allow you to have better support and will help you make your first turns easier.

In freestyle, the duck position is ideal for sending rotations and replates in fakie. Your women's snowboard fixs will then be open edit on each side by 15 degrees. If you want to be comfortable in freeride, we advise you to shift your fasteners from 1 to 4 cm on the back in order to move more easily in the peuf. If you ever hesitate between different models of women's snow bindings, now is the time to choose from your selection, the design you prefer! Take a look at our women's snow boots, but also our women's snowboards!

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