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We all agree that it is much more convenient to wear your snowboard in a cover rather than under your arm! When you travel from one mountain to another, you have to take a lot of gear with you. With a snowboard bag, make your life easier! Often with several handles and straps, you can choose to wear it by hand, shoulder or shoulder strap. In addition to its practicality, the cover will protect your board from possible shocks when transporting it, but also the seats of your car if you opt for a waterproof bag.

Some covers are specifically designed to carry multiple boards so that you can choose the one that best matches the terrain you're going to face. If you travel a lot, prefer a well-padded snow bag to avoid bad shocks. In order not to clutter up several pieces of luggage, covers are provided to contain not only the board, but also all the equipment that goes with it: the boots of snow, the various tools for adjusting the fasteners, the maintenance gear ...

To make transportation easier, you'll find models mounted on skate wheels, both light and fast, to get around without worries wherever you go.


The size of your cover will of course depend on the size of your board. We advise you to choose it a little larger than the size of your snowboard. If you have multiple boards, choose your cover based on the longest one. Make sure the cover is equipped with systems to stall the stuff so that it doesn't wander indoors. Now it's up to you to determine what criteria you think are essential for your next snowboard cover.  

The PICTURE ORGANIC snowboard bag will help you increase the durability and performance of your snowboarding gear. Made of recycled polyester, it is eco-responsible and will follow you on your winter getaways while effectively protecting your board. As for the BURTON snow bag, it has wheels and a telescopic handle to make it easier to get around terminals, for example. Very durable, it has a fully zipped and padded compartment to protect your equipment in any circumstances. Finally, the TOUR BAG DAKINE  snowboard bag can accommodate your snow but also a pair of boots. Thanks to its 360-degree enhanced protection, you can conquer new heights in complete serenity!

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