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Before you start looking for your ideal woman board, you should ask yourself the right questions: What is your level? What's your schedule? What size to choose? Each of your answers will determine the board best suited to your criteria, in order to enjoy incomparable sliding sensations. If you are beginners or inexperienced, you need a tolerant, scalable women's snowboard with an intuitive grip. With this type of model you can progress at your own pace, starting by chaining the turns more serenely, then try your first tricks in freestyle and get off the slopes to enjoy the powder.


Freestylers will prefer a more playful toy, easy to deform and maneuver, with a toned ollie. This type of board will allow you to evolve into flat, jib and send your tricks everywhere.

If you prefer to draw beautiful curves in the pristine powder of off-piste, you will need a woman board that clears well, with support and a good absorption of the terrain. Freeride women's snowboards are part of the premium stuff of brands, which explains their higher prices compared to another discipline.

In case your level allows you to practice both track, freeride and freestyle, and you can't choose between these disciplines, you need a versatile women's snowboard or all mountain. Your gear must have good carving skills, a bit of rocker and a lot of pop. If you prefer one practice more than another, it's up to you to add a few ingredients. For example, if you have a soft spot for freestyle, opt for a slightly more accessible board. On the contrary, for freeride, turn to a slightly stiffer model. Take a look at our NITRO women's snowboards or our BURTON women's snowboards for a maximum of sliding sensations! And for you gentlemen, check out all our men's snowboards available on our website!

Now that you're able to choose the women's snowboard that suits you best, all you have to do is choose the right size, using our size guide. 

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