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Beginners, or snowboarders with inexperienced, are advised to turn to a scalable and playful mens' snowboard. It will be more tolerant when you make learning mistakes. Playful and swivelling, beginner boards make it easier to turn to help you follow them with more serenity. 


The jib, the flat and send big tricks as soon as you come across a kicker, it's your thing. Your ideal gear is a swivel freestyle snowboard, easy to distort and playful. It will make it easier for you to re-plate your rotations. If you are rather pipe and big kickers, a stronger board, with a firm flex and a max of pop will be more suitable. The ASSASSIN SALOMON snowboard will delight fans of rails and tricks at the snowpark. Reinforced in fiberglass, it has a responsive pop and a good raise to have fun on the various modules. 


A men's snowboard suitable for freeride will be equipped with a firm flex allowing good grip and support at high speed. But the things to consider for your board will depend on how you ride. Today, there are new off-piste trends that are more playful, ultra-handy and accessible to fully gauge and slalom between the fir trees. The DEEP THINKER BURTON men's snowboard is for thrill-seekers. Reactive and powerful, it offers good buoyancy and will allow you to conquer new snow-covered terrain that is still untouched. Designed for all committed riders, this freeride snowboard is versatile and offers unique sliding experiences. 

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