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Choosing the right snowboard

Snowboarding is more than a sport, it is a real style of life. Sport of gliding very widespread in recent years, and offers a nice alternative to the ski and to discover new feelings.

Here are a few criteria to choose a snowboard, and some indications on the differences between the main styles of boards.

The specialists of the slides such as Burton, Ride, or Head, offer a multitude of models of boards, for men, women and children. It is the first element to take into consideration when buying a plank of snow. These models are specially adapted to the morphology of each.

As for the skiing, then you need to pay attention to your level, your schedule, your size and your preferences. Snowboarders who already have an advanced level to expert, will be able to choose snow as a function of what they already know (the flexibility of the material, the rocker, the camber...). Take a look at our women's snowboards and men's snowboards tailored to your level and practice. 

Your level

It is a determining element in your choice. Ask yourself the right questions to define your level of the most objective manner possible :

How often is wrinkle-you ? Do you still of the errors of edge ? Do you feel capable of tackling any track or terrain park, but also to attempt a freeride without fear of slowing down your group ? Are you used to the powder, and the trafolle ? Dare you the differences of track in the forest ?

If you do you still feel not very comfortable on your snowboard, do you refer in priority to the boards, tolerant and balanced, that allow it to make turns and to discover smooth the joys of off-piste.

If you are a snowboarder confirmed, do you refer to a board that is longer and more powerful, which will ensure a good fit and grip ideal.

Your template

Attention, as for the skiing, your size will not be the only criterion to be taken into account, but you will also need to integrate other parameters : your weight, your level and what you want to do your board. All these elements are brought together to help you choose the right size of snowboard. Not relying not only on the good old method of stating that your board needs to get to you in the chin, it is a little outdated !

What program ?

The choice of a snowboard specific you cantonnera not a specific program ; it remains that boards respond to programs ; a board designed for the freestyle will be quite different from a board that is 100% powder for example. You know what use you will make of it, to choose a board with which you will be comfortable. This is why it is useful to know the different types of boards.

The different types of snowboard

The freestyle

A snowboarder has been confirmed, you're riding for years and wrap the ribs ? The freestyle board will be your best friend. Its symmetric form, called the Twin Tip lets you ride both sides. Its reverse camber makes it easy rotations ; and the twin tip also allows you to move on with relative ease to the jumps and the tricks for maximum effect. A you the park and the sequences of figures ... be careful not too show-off anyway !

The All-Mountain

As its name suggests, this is the snowboard that will allow you to move around and try different sensations : Powder, piste or freestyle, the choice is yours. To allow this versatility, the boards snowboard all mountain offer an excellent grip on the track but also a nose with the rocker, as the freerides. What test sensations !

The rooms snowboards

If each brand includes new profiles of cambres, there are recurring among all the manufacturers. The camber is indeed an important criterion in the choice of his snowboard. It is he who will determine the level of handling, grip and pop stuff.

The reverse camber will allow you a better output in powder, and more tolerance when errors due to learning. These boards are ideal for freestyle, facilitating maneuvers in the jib or flat.

The traditional camber allows a support maximum, even at high speed, providing precision and grip.

The camber flat provides an excellent grip. Thanks to its shape, you will gain in tolerance, in lift-off and lift.

For your equipment, find our snowboard boots, our snowboard bindings on our website.

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