Housse Boots snowboard


The snowboard boots covers that we offer on Precision Ski, have been selected by our specialists, both for their strength and for their practicality. They can store your snow shoes side by side or in a quinconce depending on the model chosen. An essential accessory, the cover will not only help you carry your snow boots, but also protect your equipment!

Snowboard boots' bag can be fitted with different carrying systems. Some can be worn on the shoulder, others as they are on the shoulder or as a backpack. It's up to you to determine what will be most convenient when you travel. 


The ROSSIGNOL snow boots bag STRATO BOOT BAG will safely carry your equipment for the winter. Protecting against shocks in the trunk of the car, it has a large main pocket as well as a side pocket to efficiently distribute your belongings. Easily take your equipment and accessories with you in one cover. Very stylish, the PICTURE ORGANIC snow boots bag and front pocket will follow you on all your winter trips. It will protect your snow business with style and comfort and respect the environment thanks to its recycled polyester manufacturing. Finally, the DAKINE BOOT BAG SILVERTNOX is fully waterproof and reinforced to effectively withstand the elements. This winter, it will quickly become your ally to conquer new territories to ride!

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