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Snowboard brands have created junior snow boots, fully adapted to your children's morphology. The best technologies have been adjusted to the little ones to offer them boots that are both efficient and precise. More flexible than adults, they are no less reactive! Playful, they have easy-to-handle fasteners to make it easier to scoff and unplet, which will allow them to fend for themselves during preparation. You'll find the BOA system that requires no effort for tightening or the traditional lacing often with scratch straps for better comfort.

If you are still hesitant to purchase, the vast majority of junior snowboard boots contain a boot that will gradually mould to the shape of your child's foot, thanks to the warmth of his body. The fluffy soles prevent pain under the arch and the shoe itself remains well insulated so that your children never get cold feet.    In case you have already rented childrens' snowboard boots, comfort should not be the appointment. This material, shaped by a large number of different feet, will not be perfectly suited to the shape of your child's foot. New boots are THE ideal solution for comfort and thermoforming, which will allow them to progress faster. 


YT JUVIE LINERLESS VANS kids' snowbaord boots have been created to provide maximum comfort to young riders. Adapted to the morphology of toddlers, they maximize sensations and performance thanks to a lightweight model and good support. Offering excellent cushioning, they absorb shocks considerably so that children can evolve on any type of terrain and understand the terrain of the track. The MINI-GROM BURTON junior snowboard boots provide continuous thermal input and comfort in all circumstances. Optimizing supports, they will allow children to progress quickly while ensuring good cushioning. Finally, they are easy to shoe and the kids can ride like mom and dad!

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