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Beginners or casual practitioners will feel better in a flexible and tolerant mens' snowboard boots while expertly confirmed levels will need a stiffer boots. Indeed, their frank supports need a good support and therefore, a stronger shoe, which will offer more support and guarantor. Your program will also influence your choice. Precisely define your expectations for stiffness and flexibility because you don't ride the same type of freestyle and freeride boots.

There are several lacing systems of the men's snowboard boots. For quick lacing, turn to BOA, BOA or Speed Zone systems, with which you won't have to take off your gloves and can go on to have fun on your favorite playgrounds faster. For maximum accuracy, opt for traditional lacing that will allow you to tighten some parts of the shoe more than others. Now it's up to you to determine what are your main criteria for finding THE boots that will offer you maximum pleasure on the snow! Take a look to our vans snowboard boots, nitro snowboard boots and the best snowboard brands for your ride sessions !


AURA VANS men's snow boots are for committed riders looking for performance and comfort in all circumstances. Bringing maximum pleasure and support, they offer quality thermal insulation and excellent support for the arch. Plus, with its BOA fast lacing system, adjust these vans snowboard boots perfectly to your feet to take full advantage of the brand's best technologies. VENTURE NITRO snowboard boots and their all-mountain program will take you further and further down the ski area. From the track to the off-piste, they will delight riders looking for thrills on any type of terrain. Comfortable, flexible and precise, these mens' snowboard boots absorb shocks and allow you to progress quickly with each outing. Finally, RULER BURTON snow boots are equipped with Sleeping Bag insulated technology that restores body heat continuously. Assuring bounce and cushioning, discover a whole new way to ride!

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