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How to choose the right snowboard boots for your foot?

The purchase of snowboard boots is essential if you want to practice in total comfort, without depending on rental snowboard boots already used by other riders. The choice will be more or less important depending on the shape of your foot: if you have a standard foot, you will have many options including cheap snowboard boots, whereas if your foot is, for example, particularly wide, the options will be more limited.

The closing system is important for practicality: classic lacing offers an easily adjustable hold, but proves tedious to use, whereas quick fit systems or boas are much quicker to use. The models on offer are more or less versatile, from the all-mountain snowboard suitable for all uses to the pointed model for free riders.

However, the essential point for comfort is the boot: the real thermoformable boot, which is moulded on the user's foot and then put in the oven, offers optimal comfort, whereas the classic basic foam boot is less optimised and the range of thermofit boots offers intermediate possibilities.

Choosing your flex for comfort and performance

Depending on your level, flex will have a great influence on your comfort. A beginner or occasional rider will be more comfortable in soft boots, while experienced to expert riders will prefer stiffer snow boots.

The practice will also influence your choice. In freestyle, snowboard boots with soft flex, especially at the top of the collar, will be more suitable. All mountain riders will find satisfaction in medium flex snowboard boots and freeriders in medium to hard flex boots. To go further, find our guide on how to choose your snowboard boots.

Which tightening system should I choose for my snowboard boots?

There are also different lacing systems that will allow you to save time with easier lacing or to gain precision in the tightening of your boots.

Here is a list of snowboard boots lacing systems, which will allow you to select the one that best meets your criteria:

  • The BOA system: It allows quick lacing of the boot, thanks to fine steel cables and a small wheel.
  • The BOA focus system: Double BOA device, it allows quick and precise lacing, both on the top and bottom of the boot.
  • The Speed Zone system: Thanks to a small handle on the outside of the shoe, the shoe can be tightened in one movement.
  • The traditional system: Same system as for trainers, this lacing, which has many disadvantages because it is slower or more difficult, remains the most precise.
  • Hybrid lacing: Mix between the BOA and traditional systems for fast and precise lacing.

You can now browse through our different models, starting by making a first selection from our men's snow bootswomen's snow boots and children's snow boots.

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