Pack snowboard child


Even as children, children already have their own favourite level and playground. It is therefore necessary to take the time to choose a child snowboard pack adapted to its size, but also to its tastes. For starters, children need an easy-to-maneuver board that's not very tiring. Choose it light, with playful rockers so it rotates easily. You can also opt for a freeride board that will accompany it throughout its evolution. These are ultra handy and will allow him to start performing small tricks as he becomes self-confident.


If your child is a gifted snowboarder, don't hesitate to turn to more technical junior snowboard packs. If you find that he particularly enjoys going to the snowpark or throwing small tricks at the edge of the track, a playful freestyle board, which will easily deform, will help him to have even more fun and progress quickly. If you've become accustomed to fresh snow and wide open spaces, turn to stiffer and more robust boards to allow it to make beautiful tracks and gradually start to gain speed. All you have to do is find the perfect size for your child to give him one of his very first boards that he will have a hard time separating from. 

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