Strap skiing

Simple but effective, the straps skiing is an attachment system that will simplify you life. They help hold your skis tight between them in order to carry peace.

The straps skis : the element essential for attaching your skis

Also useful for transporting your skis to the store, the straps skis can keep them tight at the level of the spatula. You will just have to take your skis between them, sole against sole, and add a strap at the level of the tip and a second at the level of the heel. That you carrying in the trunk or on the roof of your car, that you proceeded against a wall or the ground, your skis will stay attached to them, does not slip or deteriorate more. The soles will be perfectly protected !

The walkers and the jumpers ski

Fans of ski touring will no longer be able to go. In fact, ski touring, and who have leashs, are devoid of stop skiing. It then becomes difficult to keep the skis tight between them when they are not at your feet. With the straps skis, wear skis, touring will no longer be a chore.

Precision Ski offers these fasteners ski in pairs or individually. They only cost a few euros and do not take up any space in the pocket of your ski jacket, once you will no longer need it. So do not hesitate, go for the jumpers skiing for your next stay !

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