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To keep your material of ski or snowboard longer and maximize the fun on the snow, remember to properly maintain your soles and your edge. For this, Precision Ski offers you a small buying guide for your tooling maintenance ski.

Buying Guide for your tooling maintenance ski

For themaintenance ski, nothing complicated ! You just need to have the equipment and the turn is played : wax, scraper, défarteur, brush... Precision Ski and explained to you a few steps of the ski wax ski.

For a good waxing, start by cleaning your insole to remove dirt and the remains of wax, using a défarteur. Once the soleplate is clean, begin to melt your wax ski on your iron to drop the liquid on your equipment, as droplets. Then you can spread the wax evenly on the ski with the iron and let cool.

Once cold, you can finally bring your scraper and your brush to scrape off the whole of the outsole. Finish by burnishing with a clean cloth and enjoy a glide incomparable !

A few tricks to keep your ski equipment in good condition

In order to keep your skis or your snowboard in good condition, it is necessary to maintain them regularly, in particular, at each beginning and end of the season. The basis for the maintenance of your equipment is the waxing and sharpening ski. You can very well take him to a professional but if you are a little resourceful, you can occupy yourself.

It is also important to treat them correctly. Avoid leaving them in their case when they are wet because the edges will rust. It is best to store them in a clean dry place, to enjoy it longer.

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