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The market for wax ski has never been so wide. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find in the middle of all the models available. Wax, liquid or bread, universal, or colorful, follow these few tips from Precision Ski to find the one that will be the most suitable to your practice.

Wax, liquid or bread ?

The wax liquid is without a doubt the most practical. Often have a sponge built-in, it is applied directly on the sole of your skis or your snowboard, up to a full penetration. The solvents evaporate and the turn is played ! Ideal for waxing ski booster when we travel a lot, and that you do not want to be bothered with too much material, duration of effectiveness remains limited.

For best results, the wax hot is not to be missed. With the heat, the wax will penetrate more deeply into the sole and will be fixed for a longer time. For best results, don't forget to défarter your equipment with the help of a bread of paraffin or a défarteur solvent spray.

The different types of glide waxes to your skis or your snowboard

How to choose between the fart is universal, colorful or fluoride ? Here are the explanations necessary for a better understanding of their usefulness.

The wax universal is the most versatile. You are more track, freeride or even touring, and it suits perfectly to all weather conditions.

Other types of waxes are more technical. They are therefore addressed to the lovers the most demanding. Very popular for competitions, each color - wax ski is weather specific.

- The wax-blue is suitable for very cold days, for temperatures below -12°c,

- The bread-wax red is made for milder temperatures, between -15°c and -5°c,

- The yellow version is ideal for the snow-warm, for temperatures between -6°c and 20°c,

- The wax fluorocarbon is ideal for the spring season, on a wet snow.

Now you can choose without any problems the wax that suits you the best on Precision Ski !

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