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It's easy to maintain your skis or snowboard yourself! To do this, follow the tips of Precision Ski in order to equip yourself with the necessary tools to wax and sharpen equipment and get a top ski maintenance! The easiest way to maintain your skis is to invest in a briefcase with basic ski maintenance equipment. You'll find something to sharpen your edges, repair your sole with a polyethylene candle and quickly wax them with a spray.

For more complete maintenance and perfect quality of finish, hot waxing is essential. Bring a waxing iron, a loaf of wax, a scraper and copper and nylon brushes... Find on our website all the ski accessories necessary to spend a winter safely! Farter his skis and snowboard is a breeze. To begin with, it is necessary to clean the sole to remove dust and other dirt. Then comes the most important step, waxing. Using an iron, melt the wax in small drops on the sole. Then spread it evenly over the sole with the waxing iron and let cool. With the scraper, remove the wax from your material and brush the entire sole.  


The CH08XL LIQUIDE SWIX wax is easy to use and is ideal for different temperature variations. Compatible with skiing, snowboarding and cross-country skiing equipment, it provides professional skiing when the outside air is between -4cc and 4C. The PRO MX901 VOLA RACING wax is effective on very cold snow. Reducing the bleaching of the soles, it is easily applied with a waxing iron and penetrates quickly. EXPRESS TOKO sets attach to any type of surface and allow you to maintain your soles like a professional. With three possible positions, wax and sharpen your soles wherever you are. Finally, the quick tune DAKINE ski maintenance kit fits easily into your backpack. Composed of a screwdriver, a scraper or a loaf of wax, it offers all the tools necessary to adjust and repair your skis. 

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