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To perfect the stick, your child must find the ideal pair based on his size and discipline. As you browse the stick section of our online shop, you'll see how many options are available from one model to the next. So it's not always easy to make the right choice. Let us be guided by our tips for finding the most suitable sticks for your child. For piste skiing, your child will need a straight, versatile stick. This is the stick that everyone knows, which allows you to have fun on the slopes as much as elsewhere. Junior ski poles, on the other hand, are cut for higher performance. Its curved profile will minimize friction in the air.

In order to know the size of the ski stick that corresponds to that of your child, the child should ideally try it in the rental store. Stick upside down (handle against the ground), hand holding the stick under the puck, elbow against the body, the arm will have to make an angle of 90 degrees. All you have to do is browse our selection of kid's ski poles, created by the greatest ski specialists like Scott, Head, Fisher or Leki! 


The WORLDCUP SUPER G HEAD kid's ski poles are designed for ski racing. For all champion seeds, these aluminum HEAD sticks will withstand shocks while providing an ergonomic handle. Children will be able to push the stakes to reach the finish line first! As for the NATIONALTEAM KOMPERDELL kid's ski poles, they will delight future champions. Not only do they absorb shocks, they facilitate trajectories and offer super-aerodynamics thanks to their curve. This will allow skiers to go in search of speed with a good position and an excellent balance. Telescopic ski poles are perfect for keeping up with children's growth. JR GIRL ROSSIGNOL ski poles are easy to adjust and adjust in the blink of an eye thanks to its locking system. Very robust, it adapts to the size of young skiers and will follow them in all their evolution on the slopes!

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