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Suitable for beginners and savvy, our models are designed to satisfy all your activities. We offer some of the best powder skis as well as models with ideally distributed weight, for great ease of movement in climbs and smooth descents, with easy steering. To make sure you're not wrong, check out Precision Ski's guide, where we reveal all the secrets to choosing your pair of skis. Whatever your level it is easier to perfect with the same pair of men's skis. Some of you practice several disciplines and therefore have different types of skis to renew or purchase. That's why Precision Ski has selected different ski models to meet the needs of freeride, freestyle and piste skiers.

Our sporty designs and dynamic patterns that dress our skis will make you repaint the landscapes covered in white with lines of bright colors.


The EXPERIENCE 94TI ROSSIGNOL all-mountain skis will appeal to all committed skiers and sports ski enthusiasts. Absorbing vibrations and optimizing the sensations of sliding, these men's skis have both technical and playful. Precise and responsive, they adapt to any type of terrain without ever disappointing you. BUSHWACKER BLIZZARD skis ensure fluidity, control and responsiveness at every support. Players in powder, dynamic on tracks, they will never stop surprising you. Designed to last, they will perform very well off-piste thanks to their flotation and stability. KORE 99 HEAD skis combine lightness and stiffness. Their excellent weight-to-power ratio make them high-performance skis on hard snow and the most rugged terrain. Very pleasant off-piste, they will allow you to make your own mark on the slopes still untouched by any passage. These men's freeride skis require a good level and commitment on any type of terrain. 

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