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Among our range of ski boots covers, you'll find the one that's right for you, to carry your ski boots, in a more practical way. In addition to its practicality, the ski shoe cover also protects your equipment from shock or dirt, during your travels or off-season, when you leave your equipment in the closet. To choose the cover that works best for you, start by thinking about how you prefer to wear your ski boots: on the shoulder, like a backpack or shoulder bag. Brands such as Rossignol, Sidas or Lange offer more or less thick, light and thin ski shoe covers. You can also opt for a ski shoe cover with various outer pockets that will allow you to store your small equipment such as a passport, screws, a knife and other tools that you deem essential for your outings in mountain. Finally, you can choose your cover for its aesthetics. Brands have thought about men as well as women and children!


The SPYDER shoe cover has a capacity of 44 litres. With its padded strap, make it easy to get around and effectively protect your ski gear in your trunk. The HEAD ski shoes bag is essential for all ski racing enthusiasts. With its padded straps, wear it like a backpack and move easily to get to the top of the track. The DAKINE ski shoes bag has a lining and a reinforced bottom to maximize protection and durability. Plus, it's completely waterproof to take care of your ski gear. In addition, the ENERGIAPURA shoe cover will be an essential piece of equipment for all ski racing enthusiasts. Designed for competition, this backpack has several pockets to effectively organize your business. Finally, the LANGE ski shoes bag is as practical for ski boots as it is for snow boots. As convenient to transport your equipment as it is to store it while you wait for winter, it protects against moisture and shocks when you're on the go. 

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