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Children's ski boots: choosing the right ones

Toddlers often grow up very quickly and can change shoe size twice in the same year, so one may wonder whether it is necessary to buy children's ski boots. For his first experience, you can try renting them, but if he becomes a fan of skiing, you'd better make this purchase to make him feel good and really comfortable on the snow.

How do I choose the size of children's ski boots?

Children, not always knowing how to express their feelings, especially when they are very small, buying ski boots for them requires that they follow a few rules. As a reminder, sizes are expressed in Mondopoint. This unit, which came into force in the 2000s, corresponds to the size of the foot in centimetres. Thus, a traditional size 27 boot corresponds to 17 in Mondopoint. To equip your child with a ski boot to his or her size:

  • Systematically add 1 cm more than the actual length of his foot to make room for thicker ski socks.
  • Try the boots with ski socks.
  • Close the boots halfway. If you go beyond this setting, the volume of the boot does not correspond to your child's foot.
  • Ask your child to stand up. His or her toes should be flush with the tip of the shell. If he or she wears shoes that are too big, his or her toes will become tense and his or her support will be less good.
  • Finally, ask your child to bend when placing their hands on their shins. His foot will move back into the shoe. The heel should touch the bottom and his toes should not touch the end of the shell. If this is the case, he needs an extra waist.

Which ski boots for girls and boys?

Children do not have the same foot morphology as adults. Equipment manufacturers design children's ski boots and junior ski boots that are lighter and warmer than those for adults, as children are more sensitive to cold.

Little girls have lower calves and thinner feet than boys. The ski boots are cut differently to perfectly shape each person's foot according to these differences. The manufacturers are familiar with the legendary coquetry of little girls and mothers and make sure that they offer models in bright, cheerful colours for their first schuss.

Which shoes are suitable for different levels and practices?

At Precisionski, we offer a wide range of ski boots for babies and children. Whether they are starting out, passing their second chamois or doing their first competition, they will find boots adapted to their practice (hiking, downhill, snowboarding) and their dexterity.

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