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To begin, turn to suitable footwear to your program : ski boot alpine touring ski boots, footwear freeski... Each practice requires equipment specific depending on the terrain. You will then need to pay attention to your size, the flex index of your shell (most of the flex is weak, the more the shoe will be tolerant), the bootie in the traditional foam or thermoformable, and the buckles if you want a precise setting.

We have selected for you a wide choice of ski boots for man, for all levels and all programs. Dalbelo, Head, Tecnica, and more, find the best brands specialists of the ski, in order to take advantage of the latest technologies. Several brands and price ranges but one constant : the quality combined with the comfort of the shoes.


A bad fastening of the skis can cause falls and/or serious accidents. In order to prevent you from breaking a leg or you end up in the hospital mountain, it is better to avoid the risks and opt for a good attachment of your ski boots. According to the French federation of alpine and mountain clubs, from 30 to 50 % of injuries to the legs, which arise in the ski can be prevented with a good set of bindings of the skis and proper maintenance of your equipment.

To make the adjustment, and maintenance of your ski boots, it is advisable to respect certain conditions.

The main criteria settings

- The first thing you need to know to make the proper adjustment of your ski boots is the level at which you fall on the hardness scale. The hardness scale goes from 4, the least hard, at 13, the more hard.

- Then, the weight, the size, the style of the skier, are all criteria taken into account for the calculation of your level on the hardness scale. For example, a woman under 50 years of age, 1 m 65 and 70 kilos, in good physical condition, with a good level of skiing, the ski style flexible will be given an adjustment of the ski boot 5.

- Finally, The hardness can, and should, be adapted according to the type of tracks that you get off. For example, on a steep slope, where it is inadvisable to remove the shoes, it is preferable to increase the hardness.

How to maintain your ski boots

If you want your shoes to preserve their effectiveness, and provide you with the necessary security, it should be maintain and take care of it. To do this, you must dry your equipment after each use. Either by leaving them all night near a radiator, or by using a heater-electric, specially designed to dry your ski boots in record time. Pay attention to the flaps of your boots. If you do not close, they may warp and this will cause you pain to pressure over the uses. To not damage them until the next winter, it is best to store your ski boots in a cool dry place.

To go further, please do not hesitate to browse our guide : "How to choose your ski boots ?"


Offering unique sensations of gliding, S/MAX 130 SALOMON ski boots are designed for all committed and experienced skiers. Their revolutionary design perfectly combines comfort and performance in every turn. Their light and robust shell optimizes power transmission while perfectly meeting the expectations of the most demanding skiers. In addition, they have fiberglass reinforcements in strategic areas to increase power and bounce.

In addition, the STRIDER 120 NORDICA men's ski boots with their modern look will allow you to set the pace on the slopes. Thought and designed for freeride and backcountry enthusiasts, this men's ski boot and its thermoformable liner will take you to ride on untracked terrain. Optimising the fluidity of movement on the way up, these freerando boots offer a precise fit and unique sensations on the way down.

Finally, the SPEED 100 ROSSIGNOL men's ski boots offer a wide and generous innerboot. Progress at your own pace on the ski area with a model that is both tolerant and efficient. These men's ski boots will impress you with their comfort, their transmission of support and their performance at every turn. 

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