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Children's skis: making the right choice

The choice of a suitable pair of children's skis is essential to enable your child to enjoy the snow and progress in complete safety: it is imperative to provide good quality equipment, which will allow him to develop during winter sports and to ski at his level without any problems! Thus equipped with children's skis suitable for their age and level, your son or daughter will be able to make the most of the snow without you having any unnecessary apprehension.

What ski size for a child?

The size of the children's skis depends on both the size of the child and his or her skiing level. At the beginning (ski initiation) the skis must be small and manoeuvrable, the child just learning to stand on the children's skis. During the first attempts at beginner children's skiing (before your offspring reaches the third star), the ideal length is 15 cm to 10 cm below the child's height. Young skiers can then, when their level asserts itself and they start to make descents, go to a length 10 cm to 5 cm below their waist. Then, as a teenager, junior skis are estimated to be exactly the same size as adult skis, with the same evaluation charts. For the same size, the choice of a ski with a spatula rocker provides greater manoeuvrability in turns.

How to choose the binding for a child's ski?

An alpine ski for children is normally only compatible with one type of binding, as it is designed to optimise the ski's behaviour in turns. This is also the case for a large proportion of all-mountain skis, intended for all uses and compatible with use on piste. Most of the time you will therefore have to choose the child's binding adapted to the children's skis that you have selected beforehand. When using the binding, you should also adjust the din tightening of the binding according to the child's level; if you are not sure of the optimal value to adopt, don't hesitate to ask your instructor for advice.

Why buy children's skis as a pack?

The choice of ski implies the choice of binding, systematically for downhill skiing and frequently for all-mountain skiing. The children's ski pack and the junior ski pack include a pair of children's skis with the right binding for the pair of skis: they avoid you having to ask yourself questions about the right binding to choose, as the pack is composed to provide an optimised combination of the two elements. These combinations are generally cheaper than buying the two elements (ski and binding) separately, as is often the case with packs that include naturally associated elements. You will therefore save yourself a lot of trouble and money by choosing to buy a ski and binding pack for your children's skis!

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