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The essential children's snow boots to keep feet warm

Après-skis and children's snow boots are the essential footwear for walking in winter after a day on the slopes. Insulating, waterproof and waterproof, they are perfect for playing snowball in the garden or walking in the countryside without fear of falling thermometer. The major brands offer models for girls and boys in all sizes, easy to put on and perfectly adapted to winter sports and hiking.

Choosing the right après-skis or snow boots for children

Snow boots are designed for sports, while après-ski shoes are for outdoor winter activities such as walking around town or sledging. Snow boots for toddlers are generally designed to provide great comfort with breathable and waterproof gore-tex membranes that prevent perspiration from concentrating on the foot. The soles are made up of several layers to ensure good support for the foot. They act as insulator and shock absorber with reinforced toe and heel tips and anti-freeze inserts. The rubber soles are non-slip and designed for walking on uneven ground or icy surfaces.

What are the characteristics of children's apres-skis?

The après-ski boots are also outdoor boots designed for walking in the snow. They have similar characteristics to ski boots. In particular, there are thick insulating soles, while the upper of the shoe is often made of lightweight materials to facilitate walking and equipped with reflective elements. More fun finishes can bring a trendy look to children's outfits, who are always attentive to detail. Apres-ski can be compared to a real slipper in terms of its appeal. The child puts it on and closes it by pulling up the zip or tightening the laces. This prevents the snow from getting between the boot and the leg of the trousers or tights. Colourful prints with fun or very girly patterns will make you fall for a pair of moonboot and protect the feet and legs of your children and teenagers. These boots are available in very small sizes to allow the little ones to have fun and have good stability on slippery or snowy ground.

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