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To make the most of your child's skiing trip, without catching cold or being embarrassed by his outfit, take the time to choose his junior winter clothes. Just like you, your children need to stay warm and therefore dry to keep up at their own pace on the ski slopes. The miracle solution is undoubtedly the 3-layer system. The first, made up of junior technical underwear, will effectively remove your child's perspiration, in order to maintain his body temperature and keep him dry. The second layer or the child fleece, will provide the heat that your little rider will need. Finally, the third layer represented by the junior ski jacket will protect your child from the elements. In addition to the technologies that make up your children's ski wear, you'll find very cute or super-trendy models depending on your child's age and desires.

Colorful, pompom or displaying the superheroes of his favorite cartoon, one thing is for sure, it will not go unnoticed! Boys, girls, babies, you'll find junior ski outfits for everyone. 


From ski caps to children's neck stashed, find all the winter clothes to effectively protect your cabbage tips from the winter cold and extreme temperatures. To play in the snow for a whole day or on the ski slopes, check out all our junior ski gloves. Warm, comfortable and breathable, they will keep fingers warm while optimizing air circulation. In their winter boots, it's essential to have good junior ski socks to cope with the weather. For everyday life as for a day in the snow, they are all soft, anti-slip and limit irritation. Finally, discover all our models of children's beannie and junior neckwarm to enjoy the joys of winter without catching cold!

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