Protect your children from the cold, while leaving them free to move, with the junior clothing offered by Precision Ski. To express themselves but also to evolve in the best conditions, your children need to feel comfortable in their clothes. That's why Precision Ski has selected junior brand clothing, which offers all the comforts they need.  Often very agile and active, children need optimal comfort in everyday life. To reassure you, Precision Ski has chosen children's clothing that will allow them to be comfortable in all their adventures. Very robust, our outfits will withstand their daily escapades, while remaining trendy and cute, thanks to brands specializing in mountain sports like Picture Organic, Nike Vision or Brekka. Give your children nice clothes to wear!


To do like mom and dad, your kids will have the choice to match their children's ski pants, with the junior ski jacket they like the most.

The MOVIE JACKET PICTURE ORGANIC junior ski jacket is the perfect answer to the needs of young riders in the making. Very colourful, it is both stylish and technical. This model of children's ski jacket is ideal for protection from the cold and bad weather. With a water-repellent treatment and welded seams, it creates a barrier against cold and humidity. Just like the ELUSIVE  DARE 2B children's ski jacket. Waterproof and breathable, it keeps young skiers warm and dry all day long. 

Manufacturers have not skimped on the means to please them, by adding the characters of their favorite cartoons on the BUFF neck tricks or by creating colorful, cute and funny junior ski caps or gloves. You can admire your children's progress in skiing or snowboarding, in baby ski outfits that will leave you with wonderful memories.

There are also children's shoes, sneakers or après-skis to protect them from the winter cold. SOREL bootsTIMBERLAND shoes or SALOMON junior hiking shoes will delight little explorers!


In winter or after a long day on the slopes, discover all our children's après-ski models. Like the TIMBERLAND EURO SPRINT JUNIOR shoes which ensure excellent walking comfort. More vintage and very trendy, the MOON BOOT will be ideal to wander around the resort and play for hours in the snow without ever being cold. 

In summer, go in search of summits and let the children discover the grandiose landscapes of the mountains. SALOMON XA PRO 3D children's hiking boots offer stability, cushioning and protection. They will be able to cross rivers and climb rocks with shock-absorbing boots. Finally, to play in the schoolyard or for their sports activities, take a look at our kids sneakers. THE UA COMFYCUSH sneakers are both colourful and stylish and cushion every step. What's more, the YS009 NEW BALANCE children's sneakers with their wide sole will follow them on their urban adventures with a retro and trendy look. 

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