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Warm and stylish après-ski for women

Indispensable for keeping feet warm and dry during the cold season, women's après-ski provide unequalled comfort while giving a trendy look. We've selected filled shoes that are both resistant and elegant, so that you can wander around winter sports resorts and the city at your leisure.


Hiking boots or streetwear, at ankle or mid-calf height, discreet or colourful moonboots, wool or acrylic fur lining... All these women's après-ski boots are designed to give you perfect grip on icy and snowy slopes without getting your feet wet. Adapted to the harshest conditions, they will accompany you on your mountain walks and follow you on your daily trips. More practical to wear than ski boots, women's snow boots bring comfort and softness to your feet. What could be more pleasant after a day on the slopes?

Whether you live in the mountains or not, whether you go skiing every year or more rarely, adopting a pair of inexpensive women's apres ski boots is a must. Indeed, these shoes with their feminine design can be worn every winter. It is the assurance of being able to move in the snow without slipping and to protect your feet from any feeling of discomfort. If you are planning a trip to the mountains, it is best to anticipate and take the time to buy quality women's ski boots before you go. Waiting until the last moment to buy them on the spot is the risk of having to pay the full price...


Choosing the right pair of apres-ski is essential, as they will be with you all day long, except when you're skiing. In addition to waterproofing, breathability and thermal insulation, other criteria must be taken into account to make sure you don't make a mistake.

The weight of the shoes

It all depends on the activity for which you wish to wear it. To walk, a comfortable women's après ski should be light. This will give you more flexibility and freedom of movement. A heavier model gives more anchorage to the ground and increases the feeling of security.


The brands are competing with each other in creativity and are offering more and more innovative models that combine style and comfort. It is therefore possible to find a chic women's après-ski to enhance your outfit during the cold winter days. The models are available in a wide variety of materials, colours and shapes, so that you can remain feminine even during winter sports.

The closing system

It's all a matter of taste. While women's ski shoes with zips are ideal for easy putting on and taking off, others have equally practical velcro fastenings. There are also apres-ski boots with laces to vary the level of binding and others without zippers, which can be put on in record time!

How to use them

When going out for a walk, choose a waterproof women's apres-ski that perfectly supports the ankle, with a soft and supple shaft. On snow-covered terrain, the sole must be sufficiently rigid to ensure optimum grip. Prefer a model with crampons if you want to venture out on the most icy terrain! There are also off-road boots, which guarantee total safety in all conditions.

The size

Feel free to take a slightly larger size. This way, your foot will not be compressed in thick socks.


Created in 1970 by Giancarlo Zanatta, the MOON BOOTS feature a vintage design directly inspired by Apollo 11's landing on the moon. Ideal for strolling down the slopes or for a shopping spree, they are ultra-light and adhere perfectly to slippery surfaces.

If you're looking for a pair of women's urban apres-ski boots, go for the moon boots! Originally designed for the mountains, they are the delight of city women who are either cold or simply at the cutting edge of fashion. Warm, waterproof and soft, these mythical boots are lined in synthetic or natural fur, can be laces, leather, nylon or suede and can be low or high... You're bound to find the women's après-ski boots that suit you, the ones in which you'll feel like you're in slippers!

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