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Choosing the right trail shoes is essential to get the most out of your outings in nature. Here are a few things to consider when choosing the right women's trail running shoes for you.

Firstly, it is important to consider the type of terrain you will be running on. If you're going to be running on technical and rough trails, you'll need shoes with a sturdy outsole and optimum grip for stability. If you plan to run on flatter terrain, a lighter, softer shoe may be more appropriate.

Next, think about your stride type. If you have a pronated stride, you will need a shoe with good support to avoid injury. If you have a neutral stride, you'll need a shoe with good cushioning to reduce impact. And if you have a supinator stride, you will need a shoe that offers good flexibility to avoid strain.

Finally, it is important to choose a shoe that fits your foot shape. Flat feet need a shoe with good arch support, while feet with high arches need a shoe with good cushioning.

In summary, to choose the right women's trail shoe for you, think about the terrain you will be running on, your stride type and the shape of your foot. Take the time to test to find the shoe that offers the best support, stability and comfort for your trail running.


For all runners who crave exploration and new experiences, rediscover this summer the WOMEN's trail shoes SALOMON SPEEDCROSS 4. Recognisable by their aggressive and neat look, they will lead you to new adventures. Thanks to their Sensifit construction, they combine lightness and comfort to boost your performance. Waterproof, they have a Gore-Tex membrane to face all terrain while staying dry!

SALOMON XA PRO 3D trail shoes offer stability and gripin in all circumstances. Responding to the requirements of the discipline, they allow you to face each obstacle with confidence thanks to their stonewalls.

For trail runners looking for maximum cushioning, opt for SALOMON SENSE RIDE shoes. Thanks to their wide sole, it guarantees a good stride pulse while cushioning each impact. Recommended on rough terrain, they provide comfort, breathability and precision throughout the race.

Ideal for technical terrain and downhill, WINGS FLYTE SALOMON women's trail shoes offer a brand new thrill. Their Contagrip sole® combined with a Sensifit construction™ ensures control, precision and comfort with every stride.


UYN is a trail shoe brand that has made a name for itself in the industry with its high-end women's shoes. UYN trail shoes are designed to provide excellent stability and grip on the roughest terrain.

One of the most striking features of UYN trail shoes is the rubber outsole. This outsole has a herringbone tread pattern that ensures optimal traction on the most difficult surfaces. In addition, the foam midsole provides excellent cushioning to protect the feet from impact.

The UYN trail shoes are also very comfortable thanks to their breathable mesh upper and soft fabric inner lining. They also have a lace-up closure that provides a perfect fit for optimal foot support. UYN trail shoes are available in a variety of colours to suit all tastes. They are also lightweight and durable, making them ideal for the toughest training and racing.

In summary, the UYN women's trail shoes are high quality shoes that offer excellent stability, optimal grip, optimal comfort and outstanding durability. They are perfect for all women who are looking to achieve their trail running goals. 


For all the indecisive who are looking for a good compromise between running and trail, we have the solution. Discover the women's trail shoes NEW BALANCE VENIZ. Ultra comfortable thanks to their wide sole, they absorb shocks to ensure good cushioning. Flexible and flexible, they have a breathable mesh upper to keep your feet dry throughout the race! As for the HIERRO V3, they won't leave you any marble. Designed to explore all terrain, they offer a stable structure and a foam base to accompany you on rugged trails. Following each movement with HypoSkin technology, they will also provide you with a multi-directional grip with Vibram soles.

Designed to perfectly match the feminine morphology, adidas TRAIL TRACEROCKER trail shoes are very versatile. Recommended for running and brisk walking, they provide grip on all terrains. With a breathable mesh rod and an EVA sole, they keep feet dry while providing good comfort.

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