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The belt is now a real fashion accessory but remains very practical. When you find yourself between two sizes, you often opt for the larger one. That's where the women's belt is going to come in. Maintaining your outfit so that it enhances your feminine shapes and doesn't bother you all day, are the main functions of this accessory. In terms of aesthetics, the women's belt can be worn over a dress, skirt or any other stocking, thus giving more allure to your style. Find on Precision Ski, our selection of women's belts. We offer a wide variety of models to satisfy your desires. From the classic belt to the neon belt, leather or fabric, you have something to find your happiness. Take a little walk in our women's belt section and find the one that will match your outfits. 


The TECH WEB PATAGONIA belt is a mixed model designed for your outdoor activities. Forged in aluminum, its loop stays in place by following your every move. Hiking, climbing, mountaineering, connect with nature and opt for a sturdy and durable accessory. The PICTURE ORGANIC women's belt and braided effect will be ideal on chino pants or a skirt. Its casual summer side will appeal to the greatest number! Just like the KRUPA WEB VOLCOM belt and its metal buckle that stays in place. Offering a sportswear look, the ARC'TERYX belt has an automatic lock that won't let you down. Its textured design and metal buckle follow your movements while staying in position. Finally, the ELEMENT belt is designed for your days at the skatepark. Very solid, it ensures a timeless and trendy look to send your best tricks with confidence. 

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