Women's Ski Socks


To avoid cold and/or foot pain, take the time to choose your women's winter technical socks with the utmost care. Models dedicated to women are specifically tailored to your morphology. Thinr foot, smaller tibia... they will give you the comfort you need. Start by taking a look at the different models we offer, to choose a pair of socks that will effectively drain sweat to stay dry, keep your feet at room temperature, and offer you optimal comfort thanks to its flat seams and reinforcements at the toes, tibia and ankle. On Precision Ski, we offer technical women's ski socks, but also very stylish. You can enjoy different styles of socks in several colors and prints that will twist your ski outfit with a touch of both pop and vitamin! You will be able to remain feminine in every detail of your ski equipment. 


TORRENT ski socks have an ergonomic design for maximum comfort in your ski boots. Equipped with reinforcements on sensitive areas, they will allow you to enjoy beautiful days of skiing without any feeling of discomfort. ROHNER women's ski socks are both warm and comfortable. Effectively absorbing shocks, they reduce the risk of friction and contribute to the proper transmission of power. Designed in sponge fabric, they remove moisture and capture heat for maximum comfort. For demanding skiers, check out UYN women's ski socks. In the colours of your favourite national ski team, hit the slopes with style and confidence. Overstepping your bounds with socks that absorb shocks and optimize muscle oxygenation. Remaining firmly in place, they promote movement and offer stability and grip. As for MAKALU women's ski socks, they have excellent thermal properties. With their many reinforcements, make the most of your winter activities without any discomfort. Reducing pain on pressure points and friction, they protect you from the cold throughout the winter.

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