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Mountain sports are a passion shared by many winter sports enthusiasts. Whether you are a seasoned skier or a beginner looking to hit the slopes with confidence, the choice of equipment is crucial. Among these, women’s ski gloves play an essential role. At Precision Ski, we have selected the biggest brands and technical models combining warmth, comfort and protection.

Our selection of ski gloves for women

At Precision Ski, we understand the importance of protection and style in the mountains. Explore our range of women’s ski gloves and mittens and get ready to conquer the slopes with confidence. With top-quality options, you’re ready to take on any winter challenge. Go for excellence and make every descent a memorable adventure.

Rossignol Ski Gloves

If you are looking for ski gloves that combine performance and style, the Rossignol brand is a must-have. Their models for women are designed with a long-standing expertise in the field of skiing. 

Thinsulate insulation and R-Dry technology ensure optimal thermal protection while ensuring perfect breathability. Explore our range of models and reach new heights.

Performance in its purest form. 

Black Diamond Ski Gloves

For female skiers who like to explore a variety of terrain, the Black Diamond ski gloves are the perfect choice. This renowned brand offers versatile models designed to adapt to all outdoor weather. 

The fleece lining and PrimaLoft Gold insulation ensure unparalleled warmth, while the leather palm provides excellent grip. Their BD.dry™ insert creates a real shield against the harshest weather conditions to enjoy the ski slopes in all weather conditions.

Versatility in action.

Reusch ski gloves

The Reusch women’s ski gloves stand out for their exceptional precision and fit. With special attention to detail, they are designed to provide a second skin feeling. 

High-quality materials and technologies such as R-TEX® membrane and TecFill™ insulation provide optimal protection against the elements.

Precision at your fingertips.

Dakine Ski Gloves

Dakine stands for durability and durability. Their women’s ski gloves are designed to withstand the most extreme temperatures. DK Dry® membrane and High Loft insulation provide maximum protection against cold and humidity. 

Explore our range and prepare for the winter with confidence.

Sustainability in the spotlight. 

Picture Organic Ski Gloves

Women’s ski gloves from Picture Organic are renowned for their combination of elegance and functionality. Made from high quality materials, they offer optimal protection against cold and humidity. Advanced technologies such as PrimaLoft insulation and Dryplay membrane ensure exceptional comfort on snowy slopes. 

The special feature is the PFC-free Teflon EcoElite™ durable water-repellent treatment and the use of recycled polyester. They are thus environmentally friendly and allow you to ski more sustainably. 

Elegance at the top.

Leki ski gloves

Leki stands out for its commitment to innovation and comfort. Their women’s ski gloves feature unique features such as the Trigger S system with Speed System, which allows a secure connection with the ski poles. 

This renowned German brand also offers first-class insulation for warm hands all day long.

Innovation at the service of comfort. 

In conclusion, the choice of women’s ski gloves is essential for an optimal riding experience. Whether you opt for the elegance of Picture Organic, the performance of Rossignol, the precision of Reusch, the versatility of Black Diamond, the durability of Dakine, or the innovation of Leki, you are sure to find the model that perfectly meets your needs.

Feel free to contact us for more information about our products or to find the perfect model for you. Ski with style and comfort, no matter the weather!

Gloves or mittens: what choice to make according to your practice?

Depending on your skiing, you will not turn to the same models of gloves.

Ski mittens: warmth and comfort

Are you very sensitive to the cold? Mittens gather all fingers except the thumb, which allows them to warm up between them. They are suitable for all snow activities, both for alpine skiing, cross-country and hiking as well as snowboarding. 

Ski gloves: precision and versatility

All fingers are separated, for optimal dexterity and therefore, better grip of the sticks. Ski gloves are therefore suitable for all winter sports, some models are obviously more suitable for certain practices than others.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to know your ski gloves size?

To determine your glove size, all you need is a tape measure. Walk around the metacarpals of your hand by closing it slightly. You can also measure the length between the middle finger and the base of the wrist. Then refer to the size charts according to the brands available on our site. 

What are the warmest ski gloves?

To ski in extreme weather conditions, brands have designed very warm ski gloves combining insulation, heat and comfort. Heat depends on several criteria: 

  • Insulation: models with down insulation are among the warmest available. Goose or duck down is known for its ability to retain heat, and is often used in high-end models;
  • Construction: there are different types of construction: mittens, bi-material or lobster gloves (3 fingers) that maximize the heat input;
  • Sub-gloves: some models have sub-gloves (removable or not) that are an additional layer to create a barrier against the cold;
  • Lining: Ski gloves with merino or fleece lining are generally warmer because wool is an excellent thermal insulator;
  • Technology: Some models are equipped with built-in heating technologies, which generate heat to keep your hands warm. However, they may require rechargeable batteries.

The warmest ski gloves are those that have Real Down insulation in natural down. 

How to dry ski gloves?

After a day of skiing, it is essential to dry your ski gloves to be able to use them the next day and avoid bad odors. There is nothing more unpleasant than having cold hands! To dry your ski mittens, simply shake them to make the snow fall. Then remove the lining or sub-gloves if there are any. Finally, place them near a source of heat but not indirect heat that could alter the impermeability of the gloves. Avoid placing them directly on a radiator! Lay them flat, in a dry and ventilated place or use a drying rack. 

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