Women's Ski Gloves

How to choose the size of your women's ski gloves?

It is essential to know your hand size before investing in a pair of gloves on the Internet. If they are too small, they can quickly compress the hand and restrict blood circulation. Plus, they will provide poor insulation. Too loose, they leave an excessive volume of air that takes longer to heat up.

Fortunately, there is a simple technique for choosing suitable gloves. Simply reach out your hand, wrap a tape measure around the palm, not including the thumb, and run it over the knuckles of your fingers. Clench your fist and take the measurement. If you don't find a round number, round it up to the top measurement. It's best to have a slightly larger women's ski glove or women's ski mitten, so that you can put it on and take it off more easily. Especially since the hand will swell a little during the effort. In addition, you can easily add thermal undergloves if you feel like it.

Gloves or mittens: which choice to make according to your practice?

Depending on how you ski, you will not turn to the same glove models.

Ski mittens: warmth and comfort

Are you very sensitive to the cold? Mittens gather all the fingers except the thumb, which allows them to warm each other. They are suitable for all snow activities, both downhill and cross-country skiing and snowboarding. If you're a keen competitor, you're bound to fall for the Leki mittens, which are light, supple and very elegant. For even more dexterity, there are even 3-finger mittens, such as the Sparks Lobsters Mitts from Picture Organic!

Ski gloves: precision and versatility

All fingers are separated, for optimal dexterity and therefore a better grip of the sticks. Ski gloves can therefore be used for all winter sports, some models being obviously more suitable for certain practices than others. If you are a ski racing enthusiast, Reusch ski gloves will lead you to victory thanks to their flexibility and ultra-efficient grip. The Rossignol ski gloves in goat leather are also very precise and comfortable, in addition to displaying a feminine look.

I'm cold, is it appropriate to use undergloves?

Made of silk, undergloves provide extra warmth when the weather conditions are really extreme. Thin, light and soft, they tend to retain moisture, which is not ideal in extreme cold. That's why brands are offering undergloves made of synthetic materials, which are slightly bulkier but more breathable. In any case, an under-glove is best to remove your mitt or glove or without being left bare-handed in the open air. This is practical for closing your coat or picking up your phone!

If you're always cold, opt for gore-tex women's ski gloves, which allow perspiration to escape and thus avoid the unpleasant feeling of dampness and thus prevent your hands from getting cold. Salomon women's ski gloves are both technical and feminine, just like the Native Mitten mittens from the Savoyard goat leather brand. High-performance, resistant and chic, they have a very soft fleece lining. If gore tex remains the best guarantee in terms of waterproofness and breathability to permanently prevent humidity, heated ski gloves are perfect for the most frightened! Battery operated, they provide several hours of continuous warmth and have several heating levels for incomparable comfort.

How to take care of your ski gloves?

For a glove that provides effective protection from the cold and preserves its quality over several seasons, regular maintenance is essential. To do this, avoid washing your gloves or ski mittens too often in the washing machine, as this can damage the waterproof and breathable membrane. To wash them, put a drop of detergent or Marseille soap in lukewarm water. Scrub with a soft brush and leave them to dry in the air. Do not add fabric softener, which will only clog the pores of the membrane. Be careful not to soak the leather too much, as this may cause it to stain.

Does a bad smell persist? Sprinkle powdered horsetail in your ski gloves. This plant is a natural alternative to chemical air fresheners, to effectively combat odours in hand and foot accessories. Be sure to let your pair dry as soon as you have finished your ski session, both on the outside and the inside of the gloves. Expose them to the sun or place them near the fireplace, wrist down, rather than on the radiator.

To preserve the membrane's water-repellency, spray a water-based treatment from time to time during the winter season and before storing your gloves. They should be stored in a wardrobe, away from dust to prevent the membrane pores from accumulating.

Our tips to keep your hands from getting cold

Even if you have chosen very warm women's ski gloves, it is not advisable to get them wet again. Always carry a spare pair of woollen gloves in your bag. To keep them dry, keep them in a small plastic bag. This way, if you get wet, you are sure to keep your hands warm. When you take off your gloves or mittens, don't put them on the floor and store them in your coat. Don't forget to put on a hat and ski socks. Cooling of the hands is usually a sign that the body is getting cold.

Pay attention to perspiration after strenuous physical exertion, to avoid the appearance of moisture. As soon as you are at rest, perspiration causes the body temperature to drop and causes a painful nail on your fingertips. So don't skimp on ventilation and provide a dry change of clothes.

Now that you know everything, equip the whole family with men's ski gloves and children's ski gloves on Précision Ski!

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