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Choosing your women's ski trousers

An essential item of clothing for a skier, women's ski trousers are selected according to technical and practical characteristics. The major brands of ski clothing offer models that will suit both occasional skiers and those who love to ski.

What cut should I choose for my women's ski trousers?

As far as shape is concerned, you can choose between a fitted or straight cut that allows the body to breathe. If you are a fan of downhill or cross-country skiing, you will appreciate the high waist stretch women's ski trousers which look more like very thick tights with compression points. If you are a fan of alpine skiing, touring or downhill skiing, the straight cut trousers will provide freedom of movement and allow you to put on a pair of tights for perfect protection from the cold.

Waterproof and windproof women's ski trousers

Regardless of the cut you adopt, women's ski trousers must protect against the cold, wind and snow or rain. Their waterproofness guarantees real comfort when skiing, snowshoeing or snowboarding. The technical textiles used to make them are water-repellent fabrics allowing water to glide over the surface without penetrating the fibres. To prevent water absorption, another membrane is applied to the inside of the fabric. Strips of fabric can also be applied to the seams to make it even more watertight. A special windproof treatment on women's alpine ski trousers protects against cold air which becomes less bearable when combined with speed. Finally, some equipment manufacturers use synthetic wadding for thermal insulation and temperature regulation when wearing women's ski trousers.

How do you wick away perspiration with women's ski trousers?

Women's technical trousers must also protect against humidity. The majority of trousers carry their technical index on their label. Composed of two figures, this index specifies the quality of the breathable membranes (e.g. 10000/8000). The first number indicates impermeability and the second number indicates breathability. The higher the second number, the more moisture is properly wicked away from the fabric of your trousers. A breathability of 8000 grs is the maximum index for ski trousers. Trousers made of Gore-Tex are very effective in protecting against the cold and treating perspiration from sports activities. The membrane of this fabric does not allow water from the outside to pass through and it evacuates the water vapour generated by perspiration. Putting trousers in this fabric makes skiing and winter sports in general more comfortable.

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