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Precision Ski has selected for you a running shoe for a man with the world's largest specialty brands in the trail. Professional, amateur hardcore or any public, here you will find shoe to your foot according to your needs.

The common point of the trail shoes for men offer is the optimal support of your foot ensuring a perfect comfort, the insoles are robust but light and ready to tackle all of the terrain : a good grip for different terrain, a sealing without holes for the muddy trail or inserts in breathable mesh to allow your foot to breathe.

To choose the best pair of running shoes for man, several characteristics are taken into account. The type of terrain that you will face, the frequency of your workouts, your type of stride...

Go on a trail in the mountains means, above all, to be well equipped. The essential accessory of a runner trail is, of course, to choose its trail shoes. The mountain does not require the same accessories as the running classic. The ground is different as is the height difference.

Choose the right trail running shoes can also be not embarrassed by the blisters during the race. The small tip : test before you go for a long run in the mountains ! But then, what are the things you need to know to choose trail shoes ? The answers are concentrated in the following guide.


Make of the trail requires mountain on a ground, sometimes rocky, slippery or muddy conditions. The rider must be able to pass through different terrain without being embarrassed during the race. Manufacturers produce a type of shoe specifically for trail running : the trail running shoes.

The cushioning of the shoe

The shoe should be able to cushion your foot in order to avoid repeated shocks in your back. The sole is then more or less rigid according to your needs. The thickness of this latter is also suitable for mountain runners. You can also go on mountain bike.

The question of the cushioning of a shoe is important to avoid hurting the joints on a hard floor. Some shoes contain gel, other foam. This depends on the manufacturer and technology specific to each brand.

However, it should be noted that a trail shoe is more rigid and heavier than a running shoe. It is not necessary to be surprised at stuff. This last should you effectively protect the foot during your run.

The grip of the shoe

To choose good shoes for trail, it is necessary to look at the grip. This feature allows you to have optimum grip against the ground. This helps to avoid slipping on the rocky soil or muddy.

It is necessary to remember one thing : if the land is rich with mud, for example, spikes in deep ! Conversely, if the soil is very rocky, it is better to opt for studs spaced.

In practice, it is common to find these two types of soil during the same race. He must look for models that combine a certain versatility in the hanging of the trail shoe to have an optimal result.

The drop of the shoe

The drop of a shoe is the difference in millimeters between the front and the back of the shoe. It allows your foot to run more or less on the before during your race. Choose the right trail shoes then assumes to know the size of the drop to determine the tilt of the foot.

The size

The trail running shoe must, above all, to protect its user. Some are reinforced at the front and sides to protect your feet from shocks against the pebbles. Not to be mistaken and choose the right trail shoes, we have to make the choice of the right size.

Most vendors will tell you, it is necessary to choose a shoe size or a size and a half above your usual shoe size. The reason is simple : in effort your foot has a tendency to inflate !

It is thus necessary to give him more space than in a shoe city. Downhill, your toes should not abut against the front wall, if not pay attention to the light bulbs !

To do the test, it must be able to pass a finger behind it – between the heel and the shoe once the shoe put on the foot and laced. Finally, it is necessary to feel good. The comfort you should feel from the first fitting of your trail shoe.

Remember : the more a drop is low, the more you will tend to run on the forefoot !

To help you see more clearly, follow the guide of Precision Ski, which explains in detail how to choose the right trail shoes.


With SCOTT men's trail shoes, you can push the limits of the terrain. Their eRIDE cushioning allows you to gain stability and fluidity on the most demanding terrain. In addition, their dual-density Kinetic Foam revolutionises trail running by releasing 14% of energy with each stride.

As for the SALOMON men's trail shoes, you will find on our site all the leading models to beat all the times. Like the SALOMON SPEEDCROSS 6 and its Mud Contagrip® outsole, which is equipped with studs that provide exceptional grip even on wet ground. WILDCROSS, SENSE RIDE, or OUTBOUND, all your favourite boots are on Precision Ski! After the effort, the SALOMON RX MOC 4.0 shoes will help you regain energy and recover physically. 

Finally, the UYN running shoes have been designed to give you maximum comfort. The UYN MAN NATURE are made from recycled materials and the upper contains merino wool. Lightweight and flexible, they are an effective shock absorbing running shoe. In addition, their thermoregulating wool insulates and protects against the harshest conditions.

You can also find women's trail shoes or a men's trail t-shirt on our website to complete your outfit.

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