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If there's one accessory we use every day, it's the wallet! On Precision Ski, we offer a range, elegant and solid, of men's wallets created by enthusiasts, lovers of sliding sports. You'll be able to swipe your credit cards and tickets. Find oakley or Dakine portfolios, both robust and aesthetically pleasing. These brands, recognized in the world of sliding, have worked the quality of their products, in addition to their originality. 


Small or large, the men's wallet is practical and accompanies you wherever you go. Sober, chic or classic, it is an integral part of our way of life. The ELEMENT men's wallet is both functional and stylish. Easy to slip into your trouser pocket, it gives you a neat urban look. With three components, it allows you to travel light while efficiently organizing your business. For a true skater look, opt for the VOLCOM wallet. With multiple locations, save time when you checkout. The VANS scratch wallet is very durable and gets carried away on all your commute, as is the EASTPAK men's wallet and its small zipped compartment on the outside. Thanks to its pressure buttons, the SUPERDRY wallet will hold your money and allow you to move freely. The CARHARTT wallet is a mini backpack, a perfect combination of purse and purse. It allows you to carry all your personal belongings without cluttering up. Finally, the PICTURE ORGANIC men's wallet and its pretty tropical print will be a real travel companion. This men's fashion accessory is made entirely of organic cotton to take it to the other side of the world while reducing its ecological footprint. 

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