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You think that the underwear of ski man are not useful, and a good old tee-shirt is very much the case ? Think again, once you have tried them, you'll never go back ! The system of the 3 layers is the essential solution to stay warm and dry during your days of ski or snowboard. The first layer or the sub-technical garment man is going to protect your body from internal moisture, by removing efficiently the sweat.

Thanks to the new synthetic fibres or merino wool, this textile is a real thermal regulator. Its comfort also comes from its cut close to the body and its elasticity, which allow perfect freedom of movement.

For more information on the system of the 3 layers in the mountains, please do not hesitate to consult our guide ! The advantages of merino wool are second to none. She brings a softness, thermal regulation, breathability, and is naturally anti bacterial, but the price of these textiles will be higher than for the technical clothing synthetic.

But beware, the thermal underwear for men bring the heat on. In order to be properly protected from the cold throughout the day, you must not forget the second and third layers, in other words, your polar man who's going to keep your body warm and your ski jacket man, who will protect you from the weather.


The ODLO thermals is designed to all the amateurs and professionals demanding. Thanks to its evacuation in the continuous moisture, it maintains the body heat and dries quickly for maximum comfort when you move. As for the BOGNER base layers VERTI, it is both technical and stylish. Imprisoning a maximum of warm air, it contributes to thermal regulation and features excellent breathability even during sporting efforts intense. The UYN sub-technical garment has been tested by the greatest athletes in the world. Real bulwark against the cold, it maintains the body heat and dries quickly for increased comfort in any circumstance. Its constant air flow keeps you cool all day long and its cutting innovative promotes freedom of movement. Finally, the SPYDER thermal CAPTAIN has been designed with flat seams to reduce significantly the discomfort and irritation. Dries quickly, you are protected from the cold thanks to the insulation and moisture evacuation.

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